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Friday, March 4th 2005
Best Gamer on Campus
Posted: 6:03 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
As mentioned at wrote:
mtvU, the 24-hour college network, has launched its search for Americaís #1 college gamer. Teaming with Major League Gaming (MLG) the official professional league for console video game players, mtvU will scour the nationís college campuses to find the video game players standing above all others.
More information can be found on their entry page.
Bungies wreaks of HAVOK
Posted: 5:59 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Bungie has put up a really cool article on how it has used the HAVOK physics system in Halo 2, rather than their own beefed up system from the first Halo. As we all expected Bungie to do something really cool when it came to this stuff, it was all work of the middleware. It certainly paid off.
Poor Bungie
Posted: 12:53 pm by Grunt-Killa - Halo 2
The Humpday Challenge has been posted over at This week Frankie and the guys took on the US Army. Maybe they should find some old ladies to play against next week...
Wednesday, March 2nd 2005
Some Other News
Posted: 3:50 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Yes, we have been lacking this past week, so we are trying to make up for lost time. Here is a week in review (of Feb 25th - Current):

Posted: 3:15 pm by Wolfy - Bungie
Brian Jerrard, a.k.a. Sketch, has been interviewed over at, while away for business in Taiwan. Not heavy of a read, but cool, be sure to read it.
Friday, February 25th 2005
Weekly Whats
Posted: 6:17 pm by Wolfy - Bungie
Bungie addresses some more issues and questions with this weeks Whats Update. Although no nothing new is really mentioned about the downloadable content, which many questions have targetted, Frankie mentions that there will be a few maps available, and some of which could be outdoors! He also gets a bit dirty when he is asked about his personal opinion of cheaters and such. As for Mister Chief, he goes old school today... WHOA is that a tumbleweed?
Real Life Halo: BlAcKjAk
Posted: 6:05 pm by Wolfy - Bungie
Ever wonder what its like at the top? Well, Bungie did the questioning for us: BlAcKjAk, an avid Halo player, and currently #2 on the leaderboards for Rumble Pit, has been cornered by Bungie in an ongoing project to interview real life Halo players. Its a very simple interview, not too juicy anyway.
Thursday, February 24th 2005
Huge Jump Tactics Release
Posted: 9:56 am by Grunt-Killa - Halo 2
Jump tactics, after a period of releasing nothing, has released a huge collection of jumping tutorials, including text descriptons and videos. You can visit for the list of tutorials.
Tuesday, February 22nd 2005
Fan Artwork Update
Posted: 7:59 am by Wolfy - Site News
Totschlager01 has submitted some work for our artwork gallery: Master Chief weilding dual pistols, and one with the sword. For more artwork submissions, go check out the Fan Artwork gallery!

A lot of people have also been posting their artwork in our forums.
Saturday, December 24th 2005
Happy Holidays!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Community
It's been sort of a slow news week, but on behalf of the Sector 7 Staff I'd like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakah, and a Peaceful Kwanza!

Stay safe!