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Halo Weapon Guide

Melee Fighting

Melee fighting involves the use of the weapon in your hands as a blunt instrument to ward off attackers. This is handy when the enemy is in close range, or when you're out of ammo and want to keep dishing out the pain! Your ability to fight in Melee mode varies from weapon to weapon, so experiment to find the best weapon for the situation.

Human Weapons

Your weapons arsenal makes you lethal on the battlefield. You're probably already familiar with them, but here are briefs on the weapons. Since you carry only two weapons at a time besides grenades, you need to know the pros and cons of whether or not to swap one weapon for another in a given situation.

Covenant Weapons

You should also be aware of the weapons the Covenant use since you can pick up and use any that you find by walking over them when you see them lying on the ground. The Covenant seem more vulnerable to these weapons, so take advantage of this weakness whenever possible.


Human Vehicles

Covenant Vehicles