Sector 7 → Assault Rifle
MA5B Assault Rifle (or AR, or Machine-gun)
On the field or in the academy, the MA5B Assault Rifle is the staple weapon of all Human marines. The gas-operated riffle gives the gunner the opportunity to use the weapon in either semi or fully automatic mode. While the automatic setting is quite powerful, it is extremely inaccurate when compared to slower "bursts". To accompany these firing features is the weapons 7.62mm armor-piercing rounds. As an added feature, the weapons keeps a "point of reference" at all times incase a soldier was to lose his way. A combination of smarts and power, the MA5B is a deadly weapon.

Ammunition Count - 60 rounds per magazine, 600 maximum
Weapon power (1-5) - 3
Weapon accuracy (1-5) - 3

Notes: This is one of the most reliable weapons in the game. It is also very easy to find. It should always be in your inventory the first few levels. I'm not too crazy about this weapon because it lacks the stopping power of the larger firearms, but overall it is a very versitile weapon for many soldiers.

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