Sector 7 → Scorpion Tank
M808B Scorpion MBT
A massive goliath on any battlefield, the "Scorpion" tank is the heavy assault vehicle of the human forces. Geared more towards assuming the role of an anti-vehicle weapon, the Scorpion can also be used to eliminate fightercraft or footsoldiers. Protected by top-of-the-line ceramic-titanium armor, it is nearly invincible to any conventional weapon attacks. Mounted on the top of the vehicle is the 90mm HV cannon, capable of blasting apart Covenant tanks with only a few well-placed shots. As a secondary weapon it uses the 7.62mm AP-T machine gun, commonly used for gunning down infantry that dare stand in its way. The scorpion can also be used for shuttling infantry along its side plating for quick transportation of supplies, or marines.

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