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M90 Shotgun
The ultimate close-range weapon, the M90 Shotgun is capable of tearing through even the densest of armors. The weapon is magazine fed with a pump-action firing control. Each blast from the weapon sends bullets flying in all directions, wrecking havoc and inflicting damage in a heartbeat. However this "spray" effect can be dangerous if there are allies near by that need protecting. The gunner must also be close to the target for the weapon to hit its mark, putting him and his teammates at risk. This is not to contradict the shear power of the weapon however. With 8 gauge magnum shotgun rounds and a double barrel, it is the preferred weapons of human front-line forces.

Ammunition: 8 Gauge 3.5" Magnum Shells
Magazine Size: 12 Rounds
Ammo Count: 60 rounds
Weapon Power (1-5): 4
Weapon Accuracy (1-5): Pending on Range

Notes: A personal favorite. It takes some skill to operate this with deadly precision. Once that skill is mastered the Shotgun should always be in your inventory. This weapon is the the best for flood extermination.

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