Sector 7 → Rocket Launcher
M19 SSM Rocket Launcher (RL)
Nothing brings the forces of power and devastation to the battlefield like the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher. One of a kind, it is a portable, shoulder-fired rocket launcher with dual barrels. The weapon packs a 102mm shaped charge, high-explosive rocket that, when aimed properly, can tear apart vehicles or groups of infantry with a single blast. To make sure the gunner keeps his aim, the rocket launcher is equipped with a 2x zoom camera. With strength and range, the SSM Rocket Launcher is a most destructive force.

Ammunition: 102mm HE-SC Rockets
Magazine Size: 2 Rockets
Ammo Count: 8 Rockets
Weapon Power: (Explosive... nuff said...)
Weapon Accuracy: 5

Notes: This weapon takes alot of training and mastery to prove effective in the field. It is not one of my favorites. The rockets travel too slow. I only use this weapon in the later missions with Hunters and extreme amounts of Flood. other than that this weapon is pointless. Personally this weapon is a waste of inventory space. Use the space for somthing better, like a shotgun.

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