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Halo Races


The story of the Human race is a long, tragic, and uplifting tale of the events that made history. Starting in their infancy, the human race soon began to grow. With Earth becoming over-populated and its resources running low, humanity was forced to expand their reaches into other systems. Having successfully colonized many new worlds, the humans now believed that they truly were alone in the universe. However, this view was soon to be shattered. After thousands of years of being alone, the human race found themselves being attacked by a race they had never seen before. One by one, the colonies fell before this monstrous race, soon to be known as the Covenant. As timed passed, it was soon realized that this was now a race for survival, a race the humans could not afford to lose.

The human race has evolved greatly since its early days of fighting amongst themselves. Not using energy weapons such as the Covenant, the humans prefer to use metallic bullets instead. With newly improved machine guns, these bullets are capable of tearing through most pieces of armor. What these guns canít do is easily done by the humans large forces of tanks. Using dropships, these weapons of destruction can quickly be moved into any area of battle without having to deal with impassable terrain.

Even with all of these new technological advances, the pride of the human race is their Spartan II warriors. Trained on the military stronghold of Reach, these supersoldiers are capable of fighting in any kind of situation. Incased in the MJOLNIR armor, these soldiers are a mix of man and machine. The suits interface has been directly connected to the human brain, improved reaction time and efficiency. Also with advanced shielding, the Spartan II warriors are so far the only weapon deployed by the humans against the Covenant that appears to be effective.

With the Covenant armada looming closer day by day, the humans prepare to make their last stand on Earth. The race of humanity is ready to protect their home, but if they succeed is yet to come...


Little is known of this space-faring race. But one thing is for certain, they are a race bent on the domination of all. Working towards achieving an ultimate goal, the Covenant is actually an alliance between four races. With their combined strengths and technology, no race has succeeded in stopping their massive hordes. Now on the quest of conquering another race into their fold, the Covenant turn their eyes toward the small blue marble in space....Earth.

The Covenantís legions consist of four unique races, all with their own benefits. The bulk of the Covenant forces are made up of Grunts. While they appear very small in size, they still pose a danger when in large numbers. The next race is referred to as The Jackals. They serve as the Covenants defensive forces, but are occasionally used as assassins. With their plasma shields in hand, little can be done to hurt these warriors in battle. Appearing to act as commanders on the battlefield, the "Elite" are the backbone of the Covenant army. Although these forces are quite formidable themselves, nothing strikes fear into the heart of a soldier like that of a Hunter. With armor impervious to any known weapon and a cannon capable of blowing through a tank, the Hunters are true to their name.

Along with their excellent soldiers, the Covenant also have a superiority in technology. After many battles, the Covenant have perfected their weapons and armor. With massive armadaís of battleships and fighters, the Covenant also have a sizable ground-force ranging from tanks to fast hovercraft. Like their ships, most of the covenant weapons are energy-based. While they are quite effective, they do have a limited battery supply. With fearsome warriors and superior technology, they continue the campaign for conquest...


They are a race of power, aggression, and the will to dominate. A race even the Covenant fear. Found many years ago by the mysterious race called the Forerunner, the Flood were in a dire strait. Time had finally taken its toll upon this unique race, now slowly dying...alone in the void. Having a love for all life, both peaceful and harsh, the Forerunners built the ring-world Halo as a site to nurture the Flood. Over time the Forerunners decided to leave t his galaxy, never seeing the true potential of their "children". So for many millennia to come the Flood waiting upon this ring-world, waiting for their time to come...

The Flood physiology is very complex. They are a combination of fussed matter and a biological virus. To stay alive, the Flood need to consume living matter as a source of food. This "host" will suffice for some time, but eventually its energy and nutrients will dissipate, forcing the Flood to move on to a new source.

There are roughly three main forms of the flood. Their most simplest of forms looks similar to the shape of a crab. These "crabs" latch on to the victim, spreading the infection and soon evolving into the next form of the species. This second form is a collection of these "crabs", creating the shape of a large mass. These masses are highly explosive and contain several "crabs" inside. Finally the most advanced and dangerous of the Flood are the humanoid figures. These are bodies of the deceased (or living) that have been infected and are now in control of the Flood parasites.