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Tuesday, June 14th 2011
Halo: Combat Evolved... The Remake
Posted: 8:06 pm by Wolfy - Halo
It can't be. A 10-year anniversary Halo: Combat Evolved remake? But it is! The folks over at Bungie go for a much needed digging around their old past time. The game that made them what they are today, large and much in charge of a nice chunk of the Xbox 360's online activity, is set to be re-released on November 15th of this year. It will feature updated graphics "layer", call it an emulator with the added benefits of modern graphic technology, and of course multiplayer support over Xbox Live.

"Frankie" wrote:
As a matter of fact, the gameplay engine, the physics, the controls (with some minor changes for the 360 controller and the aspect ratio) are identical. It is, in short, the Halo CE engine, but with a second graphics layer, a separate engine in fact, running on top. You can see this phenomenon yourself by pressing the back button at any time. The game will switch from old graphics to new, and back again, in real time. That in itself, is a bizarrely fun feature one we constantly used to check to see if things truly were identical, or more frequently, simply to compare the two generations of hardware and see how far things had come. Although perversely, sometimes we switched back only to remember how good the original looked.

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