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Short History

Sector 7 Halo, affectionately known as "S7" for short, was formed in March 2002 by a team of dedicated Halo (© Bungie Studios) fanatics. The website was originally devoted to being an information base, with the goal of providing an extensive and accurate collection of Halo-related information. However, after only a few months of operation, this site had an immediate and dedicated fanbase. Sector 7 Halo would quickly grow into what it is today -- a major fan site in the universe of Halo.

Sector 7 Halo is faithful to two games -- Halo, and the worlds most anticipated game, Halo 2. The site itself provides up-to-date bios, story, theories, tricks & tips, FAQ, and much more, not including our great community. We are breaking free from our 'closed-doors' policy and allowing for additional contributions from our fans to be posted and hosted within Sector 7's vast database. If you would like to submit something, please read the 'Submissions' section.


If you have a piece of Halo-related anything you would like us to host, or submit, please use the appropriate links

  • News - Have something to tell us that you think we don't know?
  • Files - Need help hosting a file? We'll see what we can do!
  • Questions? - Have a Halo-related question that no one is able to answer? We may have the answer!
  • Submissions - Want us to post your article? Or how about that sweet hand-drawn picture of yours? Send it to us!

We hope you enjoy your stay here,
-- Team Sector 7

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  • Seiya - Owner, Have you ever felt your cosmo?
  • Wolfy - Content Manager, Got Tail?
  • Bongo - Content Manager, Bahdoombahdoom?
  • Lukrus - Site Something, Blackinator?

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