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What can we expect from Halo 2?
Unofficial ScoreIn Halo 2, we are expecting a whole new FPS. We are expecting it will have top-notch graphics, sound, and action. There will be a new breed of weapons available to the Master Chief including a sub machine gun, and a new assault-rifle. There will also be new vehicles that you will be able to drive throughout the levels. Graphics in this sequel will be unlike any other game out there. Bump-maping give the graphics depth, and vividness. Action will be plentiful with new characters such as Brute, and the Prophet. Halo 2 is awesome, check out some of the reviews!

Will Halo 2 have XBox Live capabilities?
Xbox Live LogoHalo 2 will feature XBox Live enabled multiplayer. Online, you will be able to make use of the XBox Communicator, and new gametype will be playable! Downloaded content is still a maybe at the moment, but most likely will also be availible.

When was Halo 2 released for the XBox?
Halo 2 was released on November 9th, 2004. Check out the press release, that also introduced the Limited Edition box for pre-orders.

Will there be more stats in Halo 2 like rankings between your friends?
StatsWe sure hope so! With XBox Live's new version 3.0, statistics techniques may change a whole lot!

Will game stats be saved directly to your XBox?
Probably not. XBox Live has their own stats servers provided by that particular game's publisher/creator. Because we aren't exactly howthe stats are run "behind the curtain", we cannot give an accurate answer. But we don't think stats will EVER be saved on the HD mainly because of the fear cheaters and hackers changing their own stats to be #1 on the scoreboards.

Will Halo 2 support more then 2 teams?
We definately hope so! Halo 2 could possibly allow as many teams as there are armor colors -- but we are currently looking at 4 teams max.

Does Halo 2 have ONLINE 2-player co-op?
No! Halo 2 does not have online co-op capability. As cool as it would be, Bungie has decided not to make the cooperation mode over Live.

So, will it have co-op at all?
Cooperation!Yes, just not online through Live. And its still only 2 players.

Can me and a few friends go online with one Xbox?
Yes, you are allowed to bring up to 3 guests (plus yourself) into online games.

How many campaign levels will be featured in Halo 2?
Halo 2 has 15 levels, and about 10 hours of gameplay, depending on the difficulty you are playing on.