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Friday, February 18th 2005
Some Good News - WWU
Posted: 9:01 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
This weeks What's Update, over at Bungie, is short, but has some insight as to what we can expect to happen soon on Halo 2. Sounds like the guys are uber-busy - go read.
Major in Cheating
Posted: 5:36 pm by Wolfy - Community
Major Nelson, over at has an awesome write-up of the Xbox Live system and how they handle feedback and deal with cheaters online, and ultimately dealing with cheaters. Since Halo 2 has a lot of cheating going on (though it is kind of slowing down now), the lot of us should follow his suggestions. Check it out.
Photoshop Contest
Posted: 5:15 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
ICDedPpl writes to tell us that the Photoshop contest running over at his website has been updated... a lot. He added a lot more prizes (to an already large prize list), on top of some other things. The contest is simple - put Halo in any real picture, and you're entered! The voting process will begin on March 4th, after all of the entries are put up. If you haven't yet, go check it out.
NJ Halo Tourny
Posted: 5:05 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
NJ Halo will be holding a $1000-award Halo 2 4v4 tournament Feb. 19th (tomorrow) in Dover, New Jersey. Check their website for more details, sounds like a blast - wish I could go (yes, I live in NJ).
StK it to them!
Posted: 5:00 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
StK, one of the top Halo clans in the Bungie stats, and the best on the Halo professional circuits, was interviewed at today. They speak about some things that are different about Halo and Halo 2, and how teamwork rules those carnage reports. Go have a look.
Thursday, February 17th 2005
Toys for the Trade
Posted: 6:20 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
I don't normally talk about toys, because I'm a grown adult (yeah sure...), but the new Halo 2 action figures look amazing. If you are into collecting (or I guess playing) these action figures, you should be very pleased. has some pictures of the new prototypes from Joy Ride (seen at Toy Fair this year). Mini-hog? Sahweet. (Thanks HBO!)
The Codex: Ep. 2
Posted: 6:10 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
The Codex, mentioned on Monday, has released their second episode - First Strike. This episode is 4:31 minutes long, and around 20mbs (depending on the version you download). Great voice-acting, and a unique plot are just some things to point out that are amazing in this new series. Have a look!
Xbox Recalls
Posted: 6:01 pm by Wolfy - Community
Microsoft announced today that is recalling nearly 14 million Xbox power cords (sorry, not the whole Xbox). If you're here in the US, and your Xbox was manufactured prior to October 23, 2003, or are in Europe and your Xbox was manufactured before January 13, 2004, you are eligible for the new cord. This was mentioned on many websites today, but it seems CNN Money has a good detailed article. If you do in fact need a replacement, visit to place an order.

If you're not sure if you need a replacement, check out this diagram (also on

Thanks to all who pointed this out (including my own dad).
New Blood at Bungie
Posted: 5:30 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Bungie highlights, Lee Wilson - Storyboard & Game Design Visualization Artist, and the newest addition to the Bungie team. Its an interesting read, especially considering Bungie MUST be working on something new to need a storyboard artist. What could this possibly be?

Check out the new poll: What is Lee Wilson working on with Bungie?
Some more Humping...
Posted: 5:24 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
...done to Bungie. Bungie took quit the beating with this weeks Humpday Challenge against the The Poo Flingaz. Go check out Frankie's greuling write up.

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