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Saturday, May 22nd 2004
Update on HBO... again.
Posted: 8:17 am by Wolfy -
Thing is, Frankie knows he's doing it:
Frank O'Connor wrote:
What gives!!?? HBO two weeks in a row? Not really. Last week's came off sounding fake, and there was no Mister CHief. So we OWE HBO this one.
Anyway, this weeks update address some pretty awesome stuff, especially pickles... mmm, pickles. Read.
Friday, May 21st 2004
More from E3
Posted: 6:17 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Homelandfed has written up an overview of their experience of the Halo 2 E3 demo. Pretty good read, seems to provide same information all the over reviews do, though everybody has their own oppinions.
Posted: 6:10 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Need some re-decorating to your computer? Well Bungie has posted up a couple of new wallpapers. Theres a sweet one of the Halo 2 symbol.
tJY Spotlights
Posted: 5:01 am by Wolfy -
The Junkyard has put up a spotlight on the man behind the curtain over at Narcogen. Check it out. Thanks to mhdaddy for submitting this
Thursday, May 20th 2004
Posted: 7:16 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Bungie has took the time to write up an article over the new multiplayer level, Zanzibar. They let out all the secrets about it, gun locations, good hiding spots, although there is a posibility of it changing before it ships out in November.
E3 overview
Posted: 5:06 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Gamespy has written up an overview of all of the content showed at E3 last week. I found the Halo 2 one easily, and there is a 4 page write up about it. The article includes interviews from some of the people priviledged enough to be able to play it.
That Isn't Funny
Posted: 3:33 pm by Wolfy -
A new DorkTower Cartoon (Gamespy) was posted today with the topic of Halo 2. I looked at it and said "You know, that really isn't funny..." If you think it might be funny, take a look. (Thanks to Louis Wu @ HBO)
FAQ Updated
Posted: 3:28 pm by Wolfy -
Over thur, at _BNET, a massive Halo 2 FAQ update (or so it seems) has been posted. There is some useful information there, so go check it out.
Haiku Contest Closed!
Posted: 3:25 pm by Wolfy -
The Haiku contest running over at HaloPlanet has come to a close.
TankRamp wrote:
I'd like to remind everyone that the Haiku Contest is officially closed. The judging will now commence. We'll let you know the winners no later than next Thursday, and no sooner than right now.
Wednesday, May 19th 2004
The last...of the awards?
Posted: 5:40 pm by MasterChief12887 -
It seems that Halo just can't stop winning awards from their display at E3. Coming in with another award from Game Informer, Halo 2 was awarded with Game of the Show award. Heres what an employee from Game Informer who was at E3, had to say about it:

"We saw some exciting titles at E3 this year, but Halo 2 was the standout 'Game of the Show,' " said Andy McNamara, editor-in-chief of Game Informer. "It's not only gorgeous to look at, but we believe that the multiplayer option on Halo 2 is so addictive, that it will become the standard for online console gaming."

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