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Thursday, April 1st 2004
April Fool's day!
Posted: 8:51 am by Funkmon -
I wonder...
Probably an April fools joke...but will apparently cease to be updated. But really...that's not funny.

Ctrl+Alt+Del talks Halo...again
Yesterday's Ctrl+Alt+Del mentioned Halo 2...and pulled off some Gamecube insults in the same comic. Nice.

Hmm. Another one
Link to supposed Halo Blood Gulch conversion for UT2004. I haven't clicked on it it might be an April fools joke. You can never trust these people. Never.

More Halo fan music
SexyJosh on HBO wrote:
I have a new Halo Song for download at my site. It's out for members right now. Its called "Flood Unto My Mind". Its very abstract in the sense of Cortana and Master chief... and the word flood I guess. So yeah. Check it out, tell me what you think.

Flying Hogs! (HBO)
Over on HBO forums, Ducain posts about his new warthog-assisted corpse flying video. Check it out! He also did this one... Click. Check it out in the thread.

BOLL did something else
Check out the cornershot...and check this out. Anyway, BOLL the flashboy, on HBO created a script that uses One One Se7en strips and puts in your captions...look for yourself.

In Sector 7 news...
You've got us for a few more days. This summer, Bongo is moving to Africa for a year with some people from his church...he's a missionary dude...I guess. And Wolfy says that tomorrow, he'll be on a plane to Ohio, and he's NOT bringing the computer with him. Due to the fact that I have ABSOLUTELY NO ACCESS to anything on this site, it will be closed/unupdated for 2 weeks. This is NOT a joke. It is unfortunate that the news comes today. Don't all die please.

UPDATE: Funkmon has been fired from his news correspondant position.

GameSpy Titlefight!
Halo has a MIGHTY lead over Half-Life, the game that supposedly had "the complete package". Anyway, lets keep this awesome lead - go vote!
Wednesday, March 31st 2004
He's back
Posted: 7:52 am by Funkmon -
Finally, there is a Halo tournament within driving distance on my birthday.
And also finally, Funkmon is back with more news than ever! EGAD!

Tourney at MSU!
Over in East Lansing, ACM/MSU is hosting another Xbox Halo tournament. They're giving away about $700, plus other crap. Check it out here.

Gasp. Another mailbag?
Apparently, Viper has gotten some more stupid e-mails. He just seems to attract dumbasses. Including several dumbasses who think he's their friend. Well, check out this week's dumbass near the bottom of the page. It's interesting. Interestingly STUPID!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Now that's just cool.
Team Xbox has posted an interview with a guy with XNA. XNA is essentially a program that allows you to play Xbox games on the PC. Apparently, this could make a *gasp* Halo 2 PC. It's an interesting read. Check it out.

Have you noticed?
I was messing around on, and there was a little news post about how Microsoft is destroying contracts and not releasing games. I've noticed this as well. Microsoft really supporting the Xbox?

Wraith has made a mod for Halo PC, in which you can use the Fuel Rod Gun that the Spec Ops (and one red bastard) shoot at you in Two Betrayals. Pretty nice. Now get the Flamethrower.

New HEK screenshot
Well, I'm sure we've all been at every day, looking at the new news of the Halo Editing Kit. Apparently, there is a new screen over there, and it's worth checking out.
Tuesday, March 30th 2004
Posted: 4:50 pm by Bongo -
An...err...interesting article was hosted by HBO today regarding an analysis of Halo's gameplay mechanics, entitled 'Analysis of Halo: Combat Evolved using Game Design Patterns'. It's an interesting read, but I question whether thought-provoking theories translates into intelligence. Neat? Geek? You be the judge!

Secondly, Sector 7 would like to congradulate Scott Mills, of New Jersey, on winning Nightmare Armor's helmet contest. I trust Wolfy, a New Jersey local, is making his way towards Mill's mailbox as we speak...
Sunday, March 28th 2004
Right around da corn'ah
Posted: 8:01 am by Wolfy -
Many of you may be wondering what's happening with the new website we've hinted at over the past few months. Well, I'm happy to say that the release of v1.0 is right around corner. In fact, next week we'll be giving everyone a sneek peak at the new (or, the "new hotness" as some have dubbed it). We know the lovin has been a little sparse around here lately, but it's only because we've been so busy behind the scenes building a better tomorrow. =)

Thanks for hanging in there, and be sure to check back next week for a glimpse at the future of!

~SketchFactor (
Saturday, March 27th 2004
Oh well...
Posted: 10:06 am by Wolfy -
Our new content system didn't work out as great as I would have liked it to :sad: so we are sticking with our old ways. (Sorry p3mbo)

HBO Again?!
Frankie has posted his latest weekly update on HBO forums again. This one mentions dual needlers, and fun things that we can hope for in Halo 2 (only its official). Fun read, check it out!

Title Fighting
The Gamespy Title fight between Halo and Goldeneye has ended, and the results are what we predicted - Goldeneye was beaten to a pulp (Halo had a 2400 vote lead). Halo now gets to go in and battle with Half-Life, which we are all waiting for. Will Halo get beaten in the competition we have been waiting for? Find out April 2nd when the next Title fight continues!

Dry Well
Looks like Nightmare armor has ran into
a bandwidth problem - they ran out of it. They should be back soon though! Hmm,
I wonder what they will do in their spare time...
Saturday, December 24th 2005
Happy Holidays!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Community
It's been sort of a slow news week, but on behalf of the Sector 7 Staff I'd like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakah, and a Peaceful Kwanza!

Stay safe!

Saturday, December 10th 2005
Bungie WWU
Posted: 4:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
I'm a bit late on posting this, but the Bungie WWU is up again this week, without fail. It includes some Xbox 360 issues, and a farewell from Ninja on Fire, and the triumphant return of Shiska!

Go read!
Friday, December 9th 2005
New Playlists Up!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Halo 2
The new playlists for Halo 2 have been up for a while if you've missed them! And they're a blast!

Team Action Sack: This playlist is what you should be playing if you're looking for a chaotic and unpredictable experience! Some games include Rocket CTF, or SWAT Fiesta, Ninja Assault - and much more! These games were submitted by the fans - I submitted Invisaball a while ago, and now you can play it in Matchmaking! Bungie does listen to the fans!

Rumble Armory: This is also an action-packed playlist, abiet less insane! This playlist pits you against up to 7 other people, with games that feature a single weapon set - games include Brutes, Swords, Sentinal Beams, and other similar games! Give it a try!

6 vs 6 Battle: This is basically something to fit between Team Skirmish and Big Team - 6 vs 6 battles using a mixture of the Big Team playlist and Team Skirmish.

Additional Changes: The Head to Head and Major Clanmatch playlists are gone - forever... Minor Clanmatch has been renamed 'Clanmatch' and now supports up to 5 people, but your Minor Clanmatch ranks remain intact. Team Snipers is now ranked - and your 'invisible' rank is now visible! If you played a little, you may be a 5 or 6, but some people are in the upper 20's! Big Team now supports only 7 or 8 players per team, to make way for 6 vs 6 Battle.

...a pretty significant update, to say the least.
Saturday, December 3rd 2005
Team ActionSack?
Posted: 3:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
Bungie finally posted another WWU - and this one contains some very, very important information regarding the new playlists:

~Major Clanmatch and Head to Head have been removed.

~Minor Clanmatch has received a change in configuration. It will now be called Clanmatch and will allow for team of 4-5 clan members each. Your Minor Clanmatch ranks will persist to the new Clanmatch playlist.

~Two new unranked playlists have been added, Rumble Armory and Team ActionSack.

~6v6 Team Battle has been added as a ranked playlist featuring team sizes of 5-6 players each.

~Big Team Battle now supports only larger team sizes of 7-8 players each.

~Team Snipers is now a ranked playlist and has a total of 15 maps. Your hidden rank will now be displayed.


Important information indeed! The WWU also contains a little bit of an FAQ on how to change your 360 theme, and some stuff about the Halo Movie... Read it here!
Wednesday, November 23rd 2005
Black T-Shirts!
Posted: 5:11 am by Wolfy - Site News
We are now offering Black 'Oddball Series' t-shirts in our store! Buy while supplies last!