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Thursday, March 25th 2004
Goldeneye -vs- Greenman
Posted: 5:27 pm by Wolfy -
Just a reminder - The Titlefight for the winner of the Abandoned Base bracket commences today at 12 noon, PST. Halo squares off against Goldeneye 007... again. (Halo beat Goldeneye in the first round, but Goldeneye garnered enough votes to win an 'extra life' slot... and used it to make it to the finals.) If you want to see Halo win, voting is important; all the frustrated Quake fans who were beaten in last week's very close match will likely be casting a vote for Goldeneye. (Rembember, there is an IP-address-based check on the votes; hitting 'vote' a dozen times from the same computer will do nothing useful.) (From: HBO)

Lack of more news...
...yeah.... HOWEVER we have our own news right here! Sonic of our staff has created his own comic entitled The Marines. Go check it out, and be sure to come back for more!
Wednesday, March 24th 2004
Pictures that move!
Posted: 5:49 pm by Bongo -
I always pick the dullest of days to do the news. *sigh* Well, not all is lost; a brand new video of an upcomming "Multi-Inject Mod" for Halo PC was released earlier this morning. The map itself appears to be an edit of Boarding Action, with new rooms and architecture being put into place. Please take note that the map is in its early stages, and many of the textures/models are incomplete. Regardless, be sure to check out the awesome 9 mb video!
Tuesday, March 23rd 2004
Mailbag galore!
Posted: 7:46 am by Funkmon -
Well, there's only two...but that's two more than normal!

Ash apparently has far too much time on his hands. He managed to taunt a Gold Elite pretty far through AOTCR. Check it out. It's a pretty funny vid.

I'm NOT in it this time, thank god.
Viper has done a new mailbag...and he's still angry. I didn't even bother to read the responses. The e-mails are funny.
I wonder if Wolfy or Bongo get any dumb e-mail...

Madda Chieb
A new flash game? Egad! Well, there IS a new flash game...and it's fun. Check it out here.

Another Mailbag.
HBO has done their mailbag as well. Check it out here.

Homefront update
The recent homefront update includes the ingame Scorpian, MA5b and the Elite. I would so get this...UPDATE!
Monday, March 22nd 2004
Screenshots Anonymous
Posted: 2:24 pm by Wolfy -
GamesGallery has produced a Hi-erResolution screenshot of the recently released (and thouroughly evaluated) Halo 2 Multiplayer pic. It is 2468x1851, and weighs about 450kb. Go check it out!

Surely you remember this blingin mo fo
CobaltNova, after gotten over his Halo fad and XBox addiction and in search for a life, has re-opened his site which is now for his personal usage. He has even updated it with what he has been up to lately - Tin foiling his bosses office. If you don't know what this means - I suggest you check out the slideshow. Next he'll be chucking flaming XBoxs out of his bedroom window :wink:.

Red vs Blue (HBO)
Back in early February, Burnie Burns and Geoff Fink of Red vs Blue were interviewed for TechTV's Unscrewed. We actually had the footage uploaded to us by Sniperman27, and we contacted Unscrewed to find out if we could display it; the answer came back that they would do it for us... but they never did. Not to worry, though, because that same clip is now up as a Sponsors Extra over at the Red vs Blue site! There's also a very cool 3:29 long video from the Alamo Drafthouse last week, giving some flavor of that event (we mentioned it on the 14th), and showing off (in really bad lighting) the Blue Nightmare Armor. Thanks to Ross Mills for the heads-up on our forum.

More analysis
There has been more screenshot analysis, and it has reached Echo-413. Wow, even I thought the other screenshot deserved more then this! Anyway, its an interesting read.
Sunday, March 21st 2004
Speculation and All
Posted: 12:08 pm by Wolfy -
Promodo over at HBO forums has taken the time to add to our own screenshot evaluation posted yesterday. Quite interesting.

Louis Wu of HBO wrote:
it surprises me that this much evaluation is going into this single screenshot... it's FAR more than went into the first multiplayer shot, and that, in my opinion, was a more interesting picture. In fact, I haven't seen this sort of interest since the dry spell (which had lasted a full year) ended in 2001. You never can tell, with fans!

Tricks Galore? (HBO)
XBCTourneys is promoting 'The Ultimate Halo Tricks DVD', coming soon. 'Every trick for every map', in DVD quality. The page says 'Price coming soon' - but if you click on the Preorder button, you're paying $14.99, so one might assume that the price will be $14.99. (I'd be impressed if they really do manage to film 'every trick for every map' - I'm still seeing new ones on a semi-weekly basis. They must be sitting on a lot of stuff nobody's seen before. Or something.) Thanks to 'Nosolee for the heads-up.
Saturday, December 24th 2005
Happy Holidays!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Community
It's been sort of a slow news week, but on behalf of the Sector 7 Staff I'd like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakah, and a Peaceful Kwanza!

Stay safe!

Saturday, December 10th 2005
Bungie WWU
Posted: 4:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
I'm a bit late on posting this, but the Bungie WWU is up again this week, without fail. It includes some Xbox 360 issues, and a farewell from Ninja on Fire, and the triumphant return of Shiska!

Go read!
Friday, December 9th 2005
New Playlists Up!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Halo 2
The new playlists for Halo 2 have been up for a while if you've missed them! And they're a blast!

Team Action Sack: This playlist is what you should be playing if you're looking for a chaotic and unpredictable experience! Some games include Rocket CTF, or SWAT Fiesta, Ninja Assault - and much more! These games were submitted by the fans - I submitted Invisaball a while ago, and now you can play it in Matchmaking! Bungie does listen to the fans!

Rumble Armory: This is also an action-packed playlist, abiet less insane! This playlist pits you against up to 7 other people, with games that feature a single weapon set - games include Brutes, Swords, Sentinal Beams, and other similar games! Give it a try!

6 vs 6 Battle: This is basically something to fit between Team Skirmish and Big Team - 6 vs 6 battles using a mixture of the Big Team playlist and Team Skirmish.

Additional Changes: The Head to Head and Major Clanmatch playlists are gone - forever... Minor Clanmatch has been renamed 'Clanmatch' and now supports up to 5 people, but your Minor Clanmatch ranks remain intact. Team Snipers is now ranked - and your 'invisible' rank is now visible! If you played a little, you may be a 5 or 6, but some people are in the upper 20's! Big Team now supports only 7 or 8 players per team, to make way for 6 vs 6 Battle.

...a pretty significant update, to say the least.
Saturday, December 3rd 2005
Team ActionSack?
Posted: 3:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
Bungie finally posted another WWU - and this one contains some very, very important information regarding the new playlists:

~Major Clanmatch and Head to Head have been removed.

~Minor Clanmatch has received a change in configuration. It will now be called Clanmatch and will allow for team of 4-5 clan members each. Your Minor Clanmatch ranks will persist to the new Clanmatch playlist.

~Two new unranked playlists have been added, Rumble Armory and Team ActionSack.

~6v6 Team Battle has been added as a ranked playlist featuring team sizes of 5-6 players each.

~Big Team Battle now supports only larger team sizes of 7-8 players each.

~Team Snipers is now a ranked playlist and has a total of 15 maps. Your hidden rank will now be displayed.


Important information indeed! The WWU also contains a little bit of an FAQ on how to change your 360 theme, and some stuff about the Halo Movie... Read it here!
Wednesday, November 23rd 2005
Black T-Shirts!
Posted: 5:11 am by Wolfy - Site News
We are now offering Black 'Oddball Series' t-shirts in our store! Buy while supplies last!