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Thursday, February 26th 2004
Posted: 6:54 pm by Bongo -
Well no that's not entirely accurate, more like "Bongo was too lazy to do the news today, but today was a day full of events which deserve mentioning, so he'll do the news now and play it off as tomorrow's news, even though in reality it's todays". Anyway...

In essence, today's news was all about Halo tournaments. Firstly, the Major League Gaming has released results from the 2-day Halo tournament that took place over the weekend in Philadelphia. More than 400 competitors and 350 spectators were on hand to watch the festivities; more than $17,000 in cash was handed out to the winners. The results are as follows...
Halo 4 vs. 4 Team Competition:
1st Place: Team StK:
Ogre 1 (Danny Ryan, NJ)
Ogre 2 (Tommy Ryan, NJ)
Strangepurple (Doug Fabrizio, NJ)
Clockwork (Kushik Dutta, WA)

2nd Place: Team AP:
Acer (Chris Hoover, TX)
Anti (Josh Crahan, TX)
KillerN (Nick Urso, TX)
Shizz (Paul Baffi, TX)

3rd Place: Team Shoot Back:
Csquared (Chris Collins, WV)
Damien (Justin Thomas, WV)
Nistic (Kevin Colvin, OH)
Zyos (Matt Leto, TX)

4th Place: Team DM:
Deeter (Pat Danford, NC)
Gestapo (Scott Moore, NC)
Ryu (Ryan Moore, NC)
Saiyan (Ryan Danford, NC)

Congradulations to the winners! For those who were unable to attend the tournament (Bow your heads in shame! Shame!), you can read an interesting account of what took place from one of HBO's forum-go'ers.

Finally, we'd like to wish Project MJOLNIR a prosperous start in the Halo community. If you'd like to be on our list of sites, feel free to do so by clicking here!
Wednesday, February 25th 2004
Midi Me, you complete me!
Posted: 3:35 pm by Wolfy -
Download the reappeared MIDI polyphonic ringtone. It seems to have vanished from the web... so Deimos Fawkes has kindly made it available at Subnova. It's a 16K download. You can also download it here. Enjoy.

Warthog Launch!
Grab a Warthog, pile grenades under it, and try to pop the Engineers. Stats keep track of how many levels you got through, how many grenades you used, the number of launches, how many times your Warthog bounced, how many Engineers you popped, and most importantly, how much time you wasted blowing stuff up. What are you waiting for? Go Play. (From: HBO)
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Tuesday, February 24th 2004
### Grey Tuesday.
Posted: 4:15 pm by Wolfy -
You might have noticed the site's grey is showing (if you have Microsoft's Internet Explorer). Here's an explanation:

(From: Grey Tuesday
It's time for music fans to stand up and demand change from the music industry's copyright cartel.

Tuesday, February 24 will be a day of coordinated civil disobedience: websites will post Danger Mouse's Grey Album on their site for 24 hours in protest of EMI's attempts to censor this work.

DJ Danger Mouse created a remix of Jay-Z's the Black Album and the Beatles White Album, and called it the Grey Album. Jay-Z's record label, Roc-A-Fella, released an a capella version of his Black Album specifically to encourage remixes like this one. But despite praise from music fans and major media outlets like Rolling Stone ("an ingenious hip-hop record that sounds oddly ahead of its time") and the Boston Globe (which called it the "most creatively captivating" album of the year), EMI has sent cease and desist letters demanding that stores destroy their copies of the album and websites remove them from their site. EMI claims copyright control of the Beatles 1968 White Album.
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Round 2
Posted: 12:36 pm by Bongo -
A few days ago Battleground: Halo released an article discussing the topic of teamkilling. Well, Narcogen from has written his own take on the topic (a "rebuttal", if you will), and makes some excellent points. You can view Narcogen's rebuttal here, and if you missed the original article you can see it here.

Secondly, the team that brings you Halobabies has just opened a new contest! The contest winner shall be honored with a Halobabies comic dedicated to them (you will be drawn into the comic), as well as a framed copy of the comic. However, you will only be entered into the random draw if you are a site sponser ($10 fee) for Click here for further details.
Monday, February 23rd 2004
She bangs! She bangs!
Posted: 2:00 pm by Bongo -
Another wonderful piece of Halo music from the composer of the Hail 117 Anthem, Mothergoat (bah bah!). Keep in mind that it's Halo inspired music, so there won't be any Halo theme songs present. Mothergoat had this to say...."Baaaaah!"
Seeing the Oddbrawl video made me realize the Hail 117 Anthem is more theatrical than it is good for constant firefights. So now I bring you "Repeater," a faster-moving overdrive fury with a good pinch of Halo. There's a lot of repetition on purpose. The tune was made as background music for use in fan videos. Anyone can freely use it by just giving me credit in the video.

You can download it from either Mothergoat's website or HBO's.
Sunday, February 22nd 2004
Weekend Wrap-Up
Posted: 9:56 am by Bongo -
It's been a pretty quiet weekend in terms of Halo news, but there are some items that deserve mentioning. First is the weekly Bungie update, which gives a pretty clear picture of where the team is as far as production. Second is the write up on the Halo PC World Championship. It's the closest thing to have actually been there, so be sure to give it a read.

Finally some good news for Red vs Blue fans, a new episode will finally be released tonight. Not that I'll have time to watch it, as Knights of the Old Republic has taken over my life...
Friday, February 20th 2004
Revisionist History
Posted: 10:47 am by Bongo -
Some excellent news from the Halo modding community today! First, an update on Halo Generals, a complete conversion of Command and Conquer: Generals. It's the first honest attempt at making a decent Halo strategy game mod, and the team is certainly making progress. Please take notice that this is not a Halo PC mod, but a mod to bring Halo to the Command and Conquer universe.

Secondly is a piece of artwork from Craig Mullins, a skilled digital artist. What does this have to do with Halo you ask? Just look at this. The images are amazing, so be sure to check them out. In the meantime I'll be resisting the urges to play Knights of the Old Republic, which has already stolen 20 hours of my life...

This just in...
Tomorrow is the day for the Winter Philadelphia Regional Tournament, run by Major League Gaming. This will feature the biggest Halo tournament ever held in the US, with over 300 competitors and 75 teams already registered. The guaranteed purse has been increased to $16,000, to be awarded to the tournament winners. If you're anywhere near the Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia tomorrow or Sunday... you've gotta go! More details can be found at the Halo Nationals website. (From: HBO)
Thursday, February 19th 2004
Who let the Wolf-y out?!
Posted: 4:45 pm by Wolfy -
Sniperman27 has released HBO Messenger 3 (2.3 mb), a standalone windows app that checks rss files from HBO and Red vs Blue, as well as giving you access to the Psyjnir Complex Music Database. It's pretty slow checking rss feeds... but apparently, that's our fault. (From: HBO)

More Toys!
Over at DieCastExpress wave 3 of the Halo action figures has been moved from "Pre-order" to "Order" status, which means you can now order them! Go go go buy!
Wednesday, February 18th 2004
Ooh, Toys!
Posted: 6:03 pm by Wolfy -
More pictures have been posted from the JoyRide event this week. Go check em out, I want the Flood one so I can put it under my sisters pillow at night. (Mwahahaha)

BG:H Mail Bag
BG:H has updated their Mailbag for 14/01. Funny stuff, check it out. Also, be sure to send Viper some fan-mail :tongue:.

Boll at it again!
BOLL has continued to tweak his Grunt shooting game (wait for it... then shoot the grunt when he appears); at this point, he's done. (The file is now local, so he HAS to be done.) More grunt colors, more stats, piercing bullets, better graphics, less lag... See how you do. (From: HBO)

Worldwide Championship
Congratulations to UK for winning the iGames Halo Worldwide Championship! US/Canada came fairly close, but UK just beat them all. Sector 7 would like to congratulate BEAST for his win.
Tuesday, February 17th 2004
Posted: 4:15 pm by Wolfy -
Nightmare Armor is raffling off a helmet for 5$ a unlimited number is allowed.

ModnMod had an interview with the a guy from the Homefront mod for BattleField 1942.

Over at the HBO forum, Fury Three rounded up all of the Lego Halo things. There's a lot of good stuff there.
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