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Saturday, February 7th 2004
Vote for me!
Posted: 10:18 am by Bongo -
Recently Sector 7 has been doing very well in contests and votes regarding the communities for Halo fansite, and we once again require your help and support! MereCatFish has set up yet another Favorite Halo Fansite poll, only now it comes with a safeguard that prevents people from voting more than once, thus making it fair! Go vote now! Shoo! Go!

Just recently Homelan Xtreme has announced that it will now be renting out Halo PC servers to the general public. Private servers start at $90/month (great for clan meetings and practices), and public servers start at $125 a month. Homelan Xtreme promises quality and stability in all of its servers, so have no fears if you plan in renting.

Finally, the Homefront mod for Battlefield 1942 has received some major updates over the weekend, as the team is nearing completion of yet another set of beautiful models.

Wednesday, February 4th 2004
Mary had a lamb?
Posted: 4:25 pm by Wolfy -
Angel Munoz of CPL is threatening to cancel the Halo PC tournament portion of their summer event if more teams do not register before February 13. Here is the email that was sent out toward the Halo registered competitors:

"We have noticed that registration for this tournament is lagging behind all other tournaments announced for the summer event. We are going to carefully follow registration until Friday, February 13, 2004, if by that date this tournament has not completed more teams and/or has more people registered, the CPL will *cancel* the tournament."

Fewer teams have registered for PC Halo than for all other games, apparently. Only 5 teams were fully registered, with another 22 teams requiring one or more players to complete their registration. The CPL has extended their 25% discount (60 $ a head) on admission until February 13, but after that it goes right back up to $80 per gamer. Thanks to synide of Cooked Gamers, via HBO and

th3gh05t, over at Halo Source is offering Halo fans everywhere the opportunity to run their very own forums for free and build up a community. "Halo-Source is now offering Hosted Forums. [He] can make you the moderator of the forum, just like it was your own. In addition to having your own forum, you will be also able to have your own Photo Album section, where you can upload your own images. [He] will also provide support if you have any questions about your new forum. If you would like more information about this free service, please e-mail [him]." Thanks to CobaltNova.

Some poor son-of-a-b**** in England developed deep vein thrombosis and practically died from playing the XBox too long (no doubt Halo). Also from CobaltNova. You can read the full article here
Monday, February 2nd 2004
100% Ben Aflec free!
Posted: 3:21 pm by Bongo -
An odd topic has been floating around the Halo community today, regarding the use of the Halo soundtrack in a Palestinian advertising campaign, aimed at promoting the Palestinian cause. The odd report was discovered just a short while ago, by members of the Halo community, as well as larger corporations such as Microsoft itself- who claim that the use of such a soundtrack was totally unsanctioned.

For those who're anxious for a new contest, why not take a look at this one! Meatsaw from the Gearbox forums is hosting the contest. How do you win, you ask? Simple- the one who best design for a Halo-related poster will win a copy of their very own design, only a some spiffy 11x14 poster paper! Yeeowzers!

Finally, some more laughs can be found at Red vs Blue, as they've just released their latest public service announcement. Curious what a red boxed canyon and nasa rovers have in common? Visit the site and find out for yourself! In the meantime I'll just be grobbling in self-pity, as I contemplate why I allowed Wolfy to take first bets on who would win the superbowl...

Sunday, February 1st 2004
Just when you thought it was safe...
Posted: 11:34 am by Wolfy -
We, the staff of Sector 7, are very sorry about the two days downtime. We sustained some damages after a hacker had gotten into our network. The hacker replaced some of our files with his own, causing some bad problems. Now we are happy to inform you that everything is back to normal and no further problems have arisen. Kudos go to the team working over at the EdgeNetwork, who ensures these kinds of things happen as little as they do. So, without further ado, GAME ON!

c0ld vengeance, over at HBO is offering to pre-order Halo 2 for one lucky forumgoer. Guess the release date, win the game. Read the rules in his forum post.
Friday, January 30th 2004
Finally! Relief!
Posted: 2:55 pm by Wolfy -
Finally, High School final exams are over, and I have a chance to breath. With practically a broken wrist from filling in over 200 little circle answers this week - you guys are lucky I love you, and am willing to do this news. [end sarcasm]

Today I noticed posted on our forums, its time for the Halo Fan Site Awards of 2004! Go check out the nominees, and Go vote SECTOR 7!

Also, to brighten your day: Noticed in a news item on the Truth and Rec site

Frankie wrote:
So remember last year when we told you we don't announce release dates until we're confident well meet our deadline? Well now were confident. Halo 2 will ship in Fall, 2004. Please make a note of it.

Since you are our most important audience we wanted to tell you first. We've enjoyed your support, your patience and your loyalty, so this is the least we could do.

There will be a fair number of new details and announcements to follow over the next few months, and of course theres always E3. Here at, as you've recently witnessed, were ramping up a campaign of new content, details and snippets of info, just to keep you sated while you get ready for Fall. Until then, feast your eyes on the first ever Multiplayer screenshot of Halo 2, and check out this week's UPDATE. Can you smell the bacon yet?


Along with this new screenshot, a new article about what we can find thats semi-new in Halo 2 by observing several aspects of the image. You can read it here. Enjoy!
Tuesday, January 27th 2004
Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playground
Posted: 4:26 pm by Bongo -
Miss us? Our staff may still be in the middle of high school finals, but you know how much we love you guys. :tongue:

While today may not have been the most exciting day as far as Halo news goes, we have found an interesting read for you guys. The interview was conducted between Battleground: Halo and PTM, managers of Halo Online. For those who're interested, feel free to view the interview here!.

And as always, more moving pictures! For those who haven't downloaded it already, Red vs Blue has released Episode 22 of their Blood Gulch Chronicles, entitled "Red vs Bleu"; yes, its spelling is intentional. Finally, a music video- Halo style! The Halo Music Video was created by SpaceGhost2k, and is hosted by a buddy of his from the TeamXbox forums. The movie features Halo 2 footage (Don't worry, you've seen it before) against the backdrop of Queen's "Another one bites the dust".
Friday, January 23rd 2004
Don't Let The Rigamortis Set In!
Posted: 7:15 pm by Bongo -
While there wasn't much in the range of Halo news today anyway, I've decided to take this opportunity to let our visitors know that these next few days will be rather slow and dull ones. Much of our staff is hard at work studying for the upcomming High School finals, leaving us with very little free time to (as much as we'd like to) work on the site. So please, if the news hasn't been updated, or new articles posted, know that things will be turning around soon.

I hope you can all understand...
Thursday, January 22nd 2004
Much O' reading
Posted: 3:57 pm by Wolfy -
New short interview up at about writer of two Halo novels - Eric Nylund. He explains a little bit about his writing process, and his experiences with writing "Halo: The Fall of Reach" and "Halo: First Strike". Go read!

Over at Battleground: Halo, Banshee Ace has written part 2 of his Halo 2 Roundup; this time, he's looking at new abilities, characters, and multiplayer. Great way to catch up. (From: HBO)[edit: Hmm, I wonder where he got his Halo 2 info from...]
Saturday, December 24th 2005
Happy Holidays!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Community
It's been sort of a slow news week, but on behalf of the Sector 7 Staff I'd like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakah, and a Peaceful Kwanza!

Stay safe!

Saturday, December 10th 2005
Bungie WWU
Posted: 4:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
I'm a bit late on posting this, but the Bungie WWU is up again this week, without fail. It includes some Xbox 360 issues, and a farewell from Ninja on Fire, and the triumphant return of Shiska!

Go read!