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Tuesday, February 7th 2006
Halo Creator Expresses Interest in Revolution
Posted: 10:02 am by Seiya - Bungie
According to Electronic Gaming Monthly, the "Father of Halo", Jason Jones, has expressed interest in Nintendo's Revolution during an interview. Jones said he likes the current planned setup of Nintendos new system, especially the controllers, he said. Jones thinks it would be a innovative way to play the loved Halo, however, as you all can imagine I don't think Bungie will ever get along with Nintendo. Because Jones likes a rival system it doesn't mean that Halo will appear on NGC! (or DS, don't get your hopes up)
Saturday, February 4th 2006
Forums Re-Launch!
Posted: 4:02 pm by Seiya - Site News
The forums are open once again. Hope to see you there again! If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions feel free to let us know as they are still undergoing some work. Enjoy!

PS.- All the old "losts" posts are available for search on the new forums.
Tuesday, January 31st 2006
Halo 3 Rumors Spreading
Posted: 4:01 pm by Seiya - Gossip/Rumors
There have been rumors of more "insider information" saying that Halo 3 is just awaiting the green light from Bungie. According to Hexus Gaming's source "the final artwork has been finished for disk, booklets and box art". All I'd like to say if this information is true, whoever is giving it is getting fired for breaking NDA (non disclosure agreement) terms. But hey, lets hope Bungie surprises us soon!
Sunday, January 29th 2006
Changes are Happening...
Posted: 6:01 pm by Seiya - Community
We are working on some changes around the site. Look forward to seeing a new improved Sector 7 Halo! We will have more information on Halo 3 and all the things you love plus some touch ups all around the site!

We will also have our forums back, and better than ever!

Stay tuned!

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