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Wednesday, November 23rd 2005
Black T-Shirts!
Posted: 5:11 am by Wolfy - Site News
We are now offering Black 'Oddball Series' t-shirts in our store! Buy while supplies last!
Tuesday, November 22nd 2005
Xbox 360 launch!
Posted: 9:11 pm by Jag - Xbox
Well, the 360 went on sale early this morning to eager fans - one guy in Seattle camped out for four days! Frankie posted a brief retrospective on Several members of ours have 360's - I'll try to get an interview of someone to see how it is...

Have fun!
Saturday, November 19th 2005
WWU - November 18
Posted: 7:11 am by Wolfy - Weekly Whats Update
Another Friday, another Weekly Whats Update -- you know the drill. This week they take on the Xbox 360 launch, playlist updates coming soon, Dead or Alive 4 special Spartan character, and more. Includes a crazy old-school Mister Chief.
Thursday, November 17th 2005
Humpday - Seasoned Gamers
Posted: 8:11 pm by Wolfy - Bungie
The latest Humpday match report is now up from Bungie. This week they take on the Seasoned Gamers, a group of older-aged gamer guys. It looked like an intense few matches, though Bungie has really downright lost (not terribly, they just lost 2 games to 1). Go check out the postgame carnage reports!
New Poll - Halo 2 on the 360
Posted: 3:11 pm by Wolfy - Community
Go vote in the latest poll! Will you be playing Halo 2 on the Xbox 360? This is regarding the latest information brought out by an article on, that was mentioned earlier, stating that Halo 2 won't be that great in high-definition (as determined by looking at the more technical aspects of it). Comments are welcome! Again, go vote! Downtime...
Posted: 3:11 pm by Wolfy - Bungie
Bungie reports that their site will have a short downtime later this evening for only two or so hours. Check out their news article.

Update: is now back up, and functional.

High-Def Halo - No Good?
Posted: 3:11 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Benjamin Brewster of has taken a good look at why Halo 2 in high-definition on the Xbox 360 may not be the best idea. There is a lot of technical information there, but its all very interesting.
DOA4 - Nicole?
Posted: 3:11 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2 has a great article about the lady-like Spartan that has become a special character in Team Ninja's ultra fighting game - Dead or Alive 4. They have named the Spartan Nicole, and apparently there is a lot to here in the game that must be shared! Go read the article up on! (Note: The article is more about their visit to Team Ninja's studios, but includes a nice amount of the Spartan)
Wednesday, November 16th 2005
The Forums...
Posted: 8:11 pm by Wolfy - Community
Lets see, where do I begin? On Monday night, a small attack on our forums messed up a few main templates, and set the forums to redirect to a web page. The forums have been taken down since, and further decisions have been made tonight. Please, bare with me.

While the attack on the forums upset us a little bit (nothing we couldn't handle though), we have decided against the resurrection of the forums. And for good reasons. As much as we love the community, we have decided to continue the site without central forums.

Why are we doing this? The more active members of the community are probably ticked off, and I understand your actions (just don't cry about it) but again, bare with me. We simply cannot maintain the upkeep of the forums any longer. We have aspirations, and we have bigger things to tackle. A new project brought up by Lukrus and myself have begun the development process, and we will have something to chauffer to you soon. With the forums remaining, my time in particular would have been much less, and I wouldn't be able to complete this project of my and Lukrus's.

We love you guys, we really do. But, it has become too much of a job to keep the forums up. I was also astonished at the amount of, lets say ignorance, towards the site I saw. It was never supposed to be about the forums, it was supposed to be about the fun around the community and getting involved by more tangible means. The forums brought that down to a level that from what we recently realized we didn't want to go.

With that said, the site will live. Like it or not, without a central community. You are all free to comment on news as much as you'd like - we encourage it.

Warm Regards,
Pun-Fricken' Believable!
Posted: 7:11 pm by Jag - Community
Well, Stuntmutt just posted his 400th edition of the famed One One Seven comic. Four hundred! Congrats Stunt!

Check it out here, on HBO.

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