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Saturday, May 21st 2005
News Feeds
Posted: 9:05 pm by Wolfy - Site News
Recently we've been having some validation issues with our RSS feeds that are created through our news system. But, I've fixed them and have posted some information about how you can use our news on your site through the use of RSS feeds. Check it out.
Friday, May 20th 2005
WWU - May 20
Posted: 10:05 pm by Wolfy - Weekly Whats Update
Bungie, the week after the Xbox 360 has been unvailed and a plethora of news has been released on just about everything, has had time to give us some insight in this weeks update. So far, I must say that Frankie isn't denying anything:

WWU Update wrote:
Bill Gates said you guys were working on Halo 3 in Time Magazine. If you deny this, or try to talk your way around it, you're basically saying he's a jerk. So is he? Is he a jerk?

No, he's awesome. Seriously. I once asked him if he had underwater speakers in his pool and he totally didn't have me killed for insolence. And for the record, he does. His subaquatic sound system is better than my terrestrial one.

Theres a lot of information in this update. Frankie also says Bungie is way into the work of their next project, whatever it may be. So, sit tight I guess - the next map pack is around the bend! Read it.
Game of the Day - Halo 3
Posted: 10:05 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Another IGN-related article today - they have named Halo 3 the game of the day for today. You know the game will be good if it made GotD, and its not out yet.
IGN Posts Map Pack Review
Posted: 12:05 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
IGN has posted a review of the Halo 2 map-pack that is being shown at E3 currently. You can read their review here. They seemed to like it a lot, there is a lot of insightful information in there. They also give some good hints for winning on the battlefield.
Tuesday, May 17th 2005
RvB Episode 57
Posted: 10:05 am by Grunt-Killa - Community
For those keeping track, Episode 57 of Red vs Blue has been posted for sponsors. This marks the last episode of season 3, and, according to Gus, the DVD may be released as early as June. Go read the news post for full details.
Gold MC giveaway
Posted: 10:05 am by Grunt-Killa - Bungie
The Bungie Store is running a sweepstakes, you can win either 1 of 20 limited edition gold warthogs, or the grand prize, a gold Master Chief statue. You can enter (no purchase necessary) here.
Xbox Keynote - E3
Posted: 5:05 am by Wolfy - Xbox
Just to keep everyone updated with E3. Although Bungie isn't really doing anything, I feel its important to send this out: Xbox 360 will be backwards-compatible! Major Nelson was the first to bring us the FULL Xbox Keynote at E3 last night where Microsoft announced a ton of things and showed a load of games. Check out his latest Blogcasting.  Article Source
Sunday, May 15th 2005
Halo 3 - Playstation 3 Beat Down
Posted: 8:05 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Bill Gates himself says Halo 3 is in production getting ready for a Playstation 3 launch... by that I mean they are making it for the Xbox 360, and releasing it on the day the Playstation 3 launches! Gamespot sources Time Magazine (subscription required for full story) this week, where Bill Gates is shown holding the new Xbox. Thanks to Mister Chief in our forums!  Article Source
Pick up the Latest Official Xbox Magazine!
Posted: 7:05 am by Wolfy - Halo 2
The June issue of Official Xbox Magazine has an in-depth look at the new premium map packs coming soon. On their demo disk, there is a Halo gametype download, Zombies, and speaking of zombies, Alex Seropion speaks a lot about Stubbs the Zombie. I must say Stubbs is looking really awesome! Check out this packed issue of OXM.

Update: Hydrogen, in our forums, has posted some scans of the new map review.

Saturday, May 14th 2005
WWU - May 13
Posted: 7:05 am by Wolfy - Weekly Whats Update
This weeks Weekly Whats Update brings some bad news, and some good news. Being Friday the 13th, the map pack slated for a June 28th release, has been pushed back a week. The map pack containing all of the premium maps will now be available on July 5th. And there is some other good things happening around the Bungie parts. Read this weeks update!

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