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Sunday, April 3rd 2005
New Poll
Posted: 1:46 pm by Wolfy - Site News
I've put up a new poll this afternoon - Which multiplayer maps do you like more? Halo's, or Halo 2's? Vote here, or on the right-panel of the site.
Friday, April 1st 2005
IRC Chatroom
Posted: 10:09 pm by Wolfy - Site News
We are getting ready for a number of things, including releasing our very own IRC Chatroom. The kinks are being worked out, but will be ready by the end of the weekend!

Some other goodies could be made up soon. Depends on how well things go for us - for some reason I keep getting rocketted in the face and... it kind of... hurts. GAH!
Weekly WhaPIMP!
Posted: 10:03 pm by Wolfy - Weekly Whats Update
This weeks defunkt Whats Update... pimp style. And father time?
Update: April Fools!

Eggstra Springy
Posted: 10:00 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Max Hobberman, Multiplayer Lead, gives us some insight on the anatomy of an easter egg, as well as some clues to some of the eggs hidden throughout Halo 2's levels. Check out the interview by Sketch!
Update: April Fools!

Not 9, but 10!
Posted: 9:58 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Last week Bungie released information on an expansion pack that would include a bunch of new maps, as well as downloadable content. That list has been expanded to include a recreation of the original Chiron, from the first Halo, and a new emblem from Mountain Dew! Bungie also says that the map will be available relatively soon. Go check out the full update here. (Thanks to Sarge for the heads-up!)
Update: April Fools!

Well, it was fun
Posted: 8:05 pm by Wolfy - Site News
If some of you noticed, the site was taken down by the Myg0ts. R-i-g-h-t. Be prepared for the Sector 7 Chatroom - THIS WEEKEND! Stay tuned. More news later.
Friday, March 25th 2005
Special Weekly What's
Posted: 2:08 pm by Grunt-Killa - Weekly Whats Update
A "Special Edition" Weekly What's Update has been posted over on It seems that the mistake on the EB Games website made Bungie decide to open up. The update includes information on the first four downloadable maps, two free, and two premium, and also incluedes information on how non XBL users will be able to get the new maps. You can read the entire update here. Read the full news for the official press release.
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Tuesday, March 22nd 2005
Halo 2 Expansion - For Sale Now?
Posted: 7:57 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
Earlier today EBGames had a page up for a Halo 2 Expansion Pack for shipment on May 24th. The expansion, which would be bought for $19.99, was said to contain 9 new multiplayer maps, a new cinematic video, and a mini Bungie documentary. This page was later taken down after a few short hours. Bungie has not released any information yet on the expansion, but I am guessing they have something to say quite soon, or at least release more information on their new maps soon. (Thanks to Ion22 for the heads up)
Saturday, March 19th 2005
How Halo 3 Could Work
Posted: 10:04 am by Wolfy - Community has an article up on what they want in Halo 3 (if its made). The article mentions several weapons, vehicles, and the likes. Go have a read.
Flawless Victory
Posted: 10:00 am by Wolfy - Bungie
Bungie took on Penny Arcade this past Wednesday in a Humpday Challenge. The PA guys took a horrific defeat, while Bungie goes home with glory. The postgame carnage report is online for all of you to laugh at.

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