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Monday, November 29th 2004
As if it weren't coming...
Posted: 3:11 pm by Wolfy - Halo 2
With my announcement yesterday about our download section, today JPOG, who is now officially part of our team, released 2 movies showing us how to find that blasted skull on 'Outskirts,' and how to get on top of Foundation! Go check them out.

In this to-do list, lies some new guest submissions for tricks and stuff. This will come... sometime.
Sunday, November 28th 2004
Downloads Revamp
Posted: 2:08 pm by Wolfy - Site News
The Downloads section now has cool categories for easier browsing. Not a big change, but its neat, we have some cool things coming with this release.

And, to celebrate JPOG made a pretty funny movie about life in the "Hood" or Halo 2. 24.29MBs, 3 and 1/2 minutes long. Check it out.
Friday, November 26th 2004
Are You a Poet?
Posted: 5:42 pm by Wolfy - Community
Mhaddy wrote:
Bungie has given us so much, and I for one, think it's time we give something back to them. It is my pleasure to officially announce the Junkyard's "Write a Poem for Bungie" contest! Now's your chance to show how much you really care, by writing one helluva sappy poem for the creators of these wonderful games.

So go read the rules and check out the prizes, then send Bungie your little locke of love!
Thursday, November 25th 2004
Playlist Update
Posted: 12:33 am by Grunt-Killa - Halo 2
The Halo 2-Xbox live playlists have been one of the biggest complaints about Halo 2's live gaming. I constantly hear moans of "Not this again!" or "One flag CTF...Again!?" Bungie has been listening apparently, a post made in their forums by SketchFactor explains some new playlist workings, soon to take effect.
Tuesday, November 23rd 2004
7th Column Spotlight
Posted: 6:31 pm by Wolfy - Bungie spotlights the 7th Column, Bungie's "underground" fanbase. Its more on how to join the 7th Column, as a member, or starting your own chapter (group on 7th C). Go check it out!
Banner Ads
Posted: 6:22 pm by Wolfy - Site News
Well, as an attempt to try to get some money into the Sector 7 - We Help Kids Play Halo For Fun... Worldwide... fund, we have a new ad campaign going on. There are two rather small ads on both sides of the site (aside from the large mandatory one our host makes us have, we aren't paid for this one).

Although you might be wondering what we will actually do with this money, please, click the banner. This money will be put toward future contest prizes and the likes. Plus, we'd really like the support. So, show us what you got, and click those banners!

Curious to find out how much money we have in this fund already? I'll tell you.... $5.60, in gift certificate - which is enough to cover the shipping of a small object. Hey, its better then nothing.
Monday, November 22nd 2004
Rebel With A Cause
Posted: 11:01 am by Shadow - Community
JPOGDNA has one again brought some groundbreaking news to our ears last night regarding the hasty banage of a Bungie forum member simply because he spoke his mind about what he thought of Halo 2. What makes this different then everyone else? He was the only one who was targeted, everyone else seemed to get off scott free... Hmm...

After his bannage, this unknown user has posted his supposed "rantings" on his site for everyone to see. Take a look but be warned, you just might find yourself siding with him.
Sunday, November 21st 2004
Triumphant Updates
Posted: 4:55 pm by Wolfy - Site News
After a good days worth of updating ugly code, we are now up-to-date with Halo 2 Review archive, new downloads database (much faster now) with upcoming features such as categories so you can tell the difference between Halo, Halo 2, and your mom. This all next week hopefully - I was hoping to get this in this weekend, however I was sort of busy, and the original code was so messed up, I had to rewrite it from the ground up. But, it works now, so enjoy!
LE Poster
Posted: 11:48 am by Wolfy - Bungie
BungieStore is selling a limited edition Mylar 8x10 inch Print of the ultra-cool drawing of the Master Chief (we've seen it before), signed by Lorraine McLees herself. There are only about 100 left right now, out of a total 500 made. Go grab one!
Saturday, November 20th 2004
Halo Movie - A Reality?
Posted: 7:27 am by Wolfy - Halo
Regarding recent rumors flying around about a Halo movie, IGN steps in to make this rumor become more of a reality (atleast it seems that way). However, IGN asked Microsoft, and they said their normal - "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation."

Now, these rumors have gotten down to who would be directing this movie, which is be Ridley Scott, who has done movies like ALIEN (Surprise? Halo was based on this movie, and its sequal), and Starship Troopers (Which is again, like the action we would see in a Halo movie).

Enough of me adding to the speculation, just go read the article.

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