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Thursday, November 4th 2004
In With the New!
Posted: 5:57 pm by Wolfy - Site News
Welcome to Sector 7 version, uh, 2 (yeah, we're lost). We are kicking off the release of Halo 2 by giving ourselves a new look! Hope you enjoy it, we have put hours of time into the making of this site.

Sorry for the short downtime, but it was needed as this update was very large. We have redone the way we work, the backend, everything. And yes, we know, some links don't work. We are very much aware of the problems, but most of them should be fixed. For the most part, the site is bug-free, and should load with lightning speed. I will continue to fix stuff during the coarse of the night, so certain areas may go down for minutes at a time.

The forums are open for discussion. One thing you may notice is the forum login, right above this post. Yeah, you can now log into the forums from there. If should also tell you if you're logged in or not. If you ARE logged in, and it still says you aren't, don't worry about it. Thats the best thing I can tell you right now - its still very much a work in progress.

Another thing to notice is the sub-menu on the right. Each "section" of the site has its own sub-menu. Don't forget its there!

Sector 7 Team
The true colors of fans are revealed...
Posted: 2:23 am by Shadow - Halo 2
This is just downright infuriating. I just got news from a very relyable source, who shall remain nameless, that certain Gamestop employees from stores in Michigan & Georgia have been taking bribes from customers who wanted to get their copies of Halo 2 early. And, and I quote -

Deepthroat on Nov 4 2004, 02:18 AM wrote:
Not only are they handing over the games with little or no question, but there are probably other stores in California who's employee's sneak out with boxes of the game, take pictures of them, then try to sell them on EBAY!
I'm still sticking loyal to my local Gamestop, cause I knew them before they were bought out, and that they wouldn't do such an underhanded thing. But I truly pity, if not outright loathe, those desperate enough to bribe to get their hands on Halo 2 early. Much less those who accepted those bribes. Whoever you are, you give the word scum new meaning this day. :angry:
Another interview
Posted: 1:12 am by Grunt-Killa - Bungie
Gamespy has posted another interview of a key Bungie teammember, Marty O'Donnell (my personal favorite) He doesn't give anything away about the game, but talks a bit about the two soundtracks, and sound effects. You can read the interview here.
Red vs Who?
Posted: 1:09 am by Grunt-Killa - Community
It seems that the guys at Red vs Blue have temporarily given up on their web series, to advertise Halo 2 day (any guesses at what the date is?) on G4techTV. HBO has put one of the commercials up on their server, found here which happens to be the only one I hadn't seen yet. Just another reason to stay home on the 9th!
Exit Polling Covenant Aliens!
Posted: 1:01 am by Grunt-Killa - Halo 2
Anyone watching election information on "The Daily Show with John Stewart" last night may have noticed a "small" halo reference. HBO has put the short clip on their website, you can view it here in quicktime format. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who gets over excited, I just wish I had a projector to play on!
Wednesday, November 3rd 2004
Halo 2 (Almost) Stolen from Wal-Mart
Posted: 6:30 pm by Shadow - Community
Cerseidon on the S7 forums on Nov 3 2004, 04:41 PM wrote:
I live in a suburb of chicgo, and these two seniors(im a freshman) planned for a year to work at walmart and try and steal halo 2 a few days before it got out when the game got shipped. well the two kids almost got away with it but their boss walked in caught them. idk whats gonna happen to em but they are so screwed. but best of all halo 2 is actually in some stores just waiting for nov 9th! sweet.

Grammer demons aside, thanks for providing some headline news for me to post, Cerseidon! :laughing:
Has it finally ended?!?
Posted: 1:47 am by Grunt-Killa - Halo 2
It seems that the fiasco over at has finally come to an end. I highly recommend listending to some of the recordings, at least the last one, as it provides some interesting backstory to Halo 2, it also reveals some of the things that happened between Halo and Halo 2, and more specifically, between the book "First Strike" and Halo 2.
Tuesday, November 2nd 2004
This just in...
Posted: 7:41 pm by Wolfy - Community
Major Nelson, Xbox Live, has a free pass to play Halo 2 on Thursday, before the world. If you are 18 or over, and live in Seattle, this particularly pertains to you! Read the post! Thanks to HBO
While you're waiting...
Posted: 7:38 pm by Wolfy -
TeamXbox has put up a nice guide on what to do while waiting for Halo 2. Cool, if you haven't done some of the stuff already. Read... while you're waiting that is :tongue:.
Bungie Speaks More!
Posted: 7:30 pm by Wolfy -
HomeLanFed interviews 2 Bungie employees, Pete Parsons and Rikki Khanna. Pete chats about how great Halo 2 is, and Rikki Khanna, who is one of the people behind, talks about what went into making the site, and the 'making' of the Covenant language.

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