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Sunday, September 12th 2004
Halo CE needs you!
Posted: 1:29 pm by Grunt-Killa -
Attention all Halo PC players! It has been promised that if at least 1000 players are online in Halo CE a new patch containing various goodies will be released. This may be our last chance to save Halo CE, so log on and play. For times, and dates read the Gearbox Forum post.
Saturday, September 11th 2004
As if you don't have enough to read already....
Posted: 9:33 am by Bongo -
... TeamXbox has posted a whopping 6-page article that describes Halo 2's menu system indepth with a myriad of speculation and possibilies. I myself found the article quite interesting, so if you're the least bit interested into how Halo 2's multiplayer options and menu screens will work, give it a read.
The Beta Photos
Posted: 9:29 am by Wolfy -
As you all may know, the great ammount of new articles on Halo 2 have surfaced some awesome new pictures from the beta. We have mirrored a lot of these images for you to see.

However, our gallery script isn't allowing us to upload them so you can be able to comment on, so we are working on that. In the meantime you can check them out here in a not-so-pretty interface. Sorry folks.
The gift that keeps on giving!
Posted: 9:28 am by Bongo -
Bungie's Weekly Update makes a triumphant (but regular) return this week to Halo Babies! This week Frankie is getting down and dirty in LA, applying the final touches to the Documentary DVD that will accompany the Halo 2 special editions. Be aware, however, that a spoiler is mentioned (but warned about beforehand) in the DVD's content, so if you don't want to ruin a small part of the game, heed Frankie's warning. Happy reading!
Bungie Comments
Posted: 8:01 am by Wolfy -
Bungie comments on the media explosion that happened yesterday. They basically summarized everything into a nice post. Go read if you were too lazy to read two news posts down.
Friday, September 10th 2004
Dancing Desktop MC
Posted: 9:06 pm by Wolfy -
Want official and exclusive Halo 2 news directly on your computer without having to type an address into the address bar? Go download the Desktop MC for the latest (sorry folks, its for PC users only).

Don't think its exclusive? The October issue of EDGE magazine is featuring an 8-page preview on the release of Halo 2. So get to your local news-stands and buy this issue.
Posted: 8:58 pm by Wolfy -
Again, I am very tired, and hadn't gotten to read most of this new stuff. Apparently the 'media block' has been broken and Halo 2 information is popping up everywhere. If you haven't been able to keep up, here are the links to this evenings previews.

IGN, 6-pages.
IGN, 7-pages. Beta hands-on.
GameSpot, 7-pages. Neat movie too!
GameSpy, 7-pages.
HBO, by mnemesis., a Halo 2 FAQ from information found in the hands-ons (say that 5 times fast).
GameSpot, developer interview (movie) with Frankie and SketchFactor. They discuss stuff involving the ranking system, and other multiplayer aspects.
GameDaily, more focus on multplayer.
1UP, 5-pages.

Wow, I have loads of reading to do. And you do to! Now the question is, will Sector 7 be having its time with Halo 2? Nope... damn them.

Update: Oops, forgot the preview hanging over at TeamXbox. Go check it out!
Weekly Update Again
Posted: 8:43 pm by Wolfy -
This weeks update is over at Halo Babies. I am too tired to read it myself and critique it, so go discuss this one in the forums if you wish. I hear there are mentions of big ladies. Wootness.

What number is this update? I lost count after HBO had 5 of these updates...
VGames College Challenge
Posted: 8:25 pm by Wolfy -
Wade Hampton, of VGames, dropped by to tell us about the College Campus Challenge currently running in Texas:

Wade Hampton wrote:
We're interested in booking our College Campus Challenge (VGames C3) tour at your university, community/technical schools or even high school this fall. We're looking for students, teachers or college/high school student organization sponsors who can book official events on your campus. Across the country, we're awarding $300,000 in cash and prizes this Fall, with the opportunity to advance to regional and national finals.
Well, Halo is on their list of playable games, so go check it out.
Thursday, September 9th 2004
Vote Master Chief!
Posted: 7:04 pm by Fusion -
The Main Cyborg is up against frog, from Chrono Trigger! Don't let the frog win!
Vote at GameFaqs!

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