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Tuesday, August 24th 2004
Launch those hogs...
Posted: 3:31 pm by Fusion -
Alphabase is launcing a contest, where you compete in hog launching.
check it out.
Posted: 2:45 pm by Grunt-Killa -
The long awaited countdown ending has occured at I love bees. Instead of the countdown box, a new message appears on the homepage, with a link. At first glance it seems useless, but several hard to see links are posted leading to audio clips. Go check it out for yourself here.

Update: Apparently, on the links page (found here) there are actual GPS locations listed, that lead to pay-phones around the country! By picking up a ringing phone in the location will activate an 'axon' on the site and unlock a recording of... well a conversation. I am not 100% sure this is true, however few forums, such as this one, that are really following the ILoveBees game have posts that say it might be very true. What amazing is how far people are willing to go for a piece of a game...
MLG Halo 2 footage
Posted: 2:43 pm by Grunt-Killa -
HBO is hosting some footage of Halo 2 multiplayer filmed by Dolbex at an MLG event. If you would like to download this massive, 20 minute video, check out the HBO news topic.
Monday, August 23rd 2004
Haven't I passed that pillar already?
Posted: 1:11 pm by Grunt-Killa -
A Halo related flash movie has been released at newgrounds, it is based on everybody's favorite repetetive level, "The Library." Go check it out, sadly enough, just about every Halo player has been in a situation where they feel like this is happening!
Whisper sweet little nothings....OF DEATH!!!
Posted: 12:12 pm by Grunt-Killa -
The Halo 2 XBL headset has been confirmed by Plantronics. Details on the release date, and features of this headset can be found here. Thanks to HBO for the news.
Sunday, August 22nd 2004
Halo Homefront mod update.
Posted: 5:59 pm by Fusion -
Homefront is a mod for BT Vietnam, and a new update for the mod has been posted over at their site.
Halo wins... again.
Posted: 5:57 pm by Fusion -
Halo deservingly won best xbox game in the Leipzig Games Convention. You can see it on their Best of Show Page.
Saturday, August 21st 2004
Mmm.. A monthlong supply of snacks.
Posted: 12:14 am by Fusion -
This weeks update has been posted over at the The 7th Revolution. For those of you who don't know, the weekly update is a good way to stay on top of Halo 2.
Friday, August 20th 2004
So that's what it does...
Posted: 5:42 pm by Grunt-Killa -
Metatron over on the HBO forums posted his theory on the world of Halo. It's a long post, but an interesting read if you have the time. Go check it out.
Thursday, August 19th 2004
A dream come true!
Posted: 8:15 pm by Grunt-Killa -
A movie theater in Logan, Utah is hosting a permanent weekly Halo tournament! If you live near, make sure to drop by. Their website is here. Unfortunately there is a $60 entry fee per team, and $3 just to go watch, but it might be worth the entry fee just to play Halo on the bigscreen.

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