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Wednesday, July 14th 2004
serugiF weN
Posted: 8:43 pm by Wolfy -
Coolness. Bungie (well actually figureman :wink:) says that there will be TWO new Halo action figures availible by the end of the month. However, they are Limited Edition and won't last forever.

figureman's post @ Bungie wrote:
Due out the end of July are an Active Camouflage Elite at Hollywood Video/GameCrazy outlets and a Cobalt Master Chief at Electronics Boutique (yes this is different from the Battle Damaged Version currently at GameStop).

The New Covenant Transports!
Posted: 6:18 pm by Wolfy -
Yes, for the first time ever, Revenant-Rosales took a picture of the new Covenant transport never seen in the history of Halo. Go look. :tongue:
No Pants Day?
Posted: 9:52 am by Wolfy -
HaloPants puts on a new pair of pan... comics... a new comic up in order to commemorate the one rule site directors must follow -- no pants. Go look.
IntervYou MLG
Posted: 9:39 am by Wolfy -
Bungie went and interviewed MLG yesterday, and its an awesome one at that.

While most organizations focus on the PC and other games, there are some, like the MLG, that wholeheartedly embrace our beloved Halo. Who is the MLG? What are they all about? And why should Halo players care? I recently got a chance to chat with three people responsible for Major League Gaming to pick their brains regarding the past, present and future of competitive gaming.
Go read!
117 Days!
Posted: 9:19 am by Wolfy -
If anyone has been watching the countdown on the top of every page, you might notice that it is 117 days (for most, sorry UK) until we can finally get our hands on Halo 2. I wonder... who will be at the top of the ranks on that day? Will you play Halo 2's campeign or just go straight for kicking arse over XBox Live?
Monday, July 12th 2004
Its coming...
Posted: 8:17 pm by Wolfy -
Isn't it that time of year where Rockets + Prisoner = Rockets on Prisoner? Hmm...
Previews Anonymous
Posted: 8:13 pm by Wolfy - more. Gavin Wright at TeamXBox has written an enormous Halo 2 preview as they release their new community -- Where TXB members have a "chance to express themsevles by contributing to the Xbox community directly". This massive interview, as said by HaloPlanet's Big-Ern, "[Is] right on a par with Gamespy's preview in my opinion, if not better." Couldn't have said it better. Go check it out (if you have the time).
What a Nightmare
Posted: 8:02 pm by Wolfy -
Dolbex of has interviewed Sid Garrand, the nightmarish guy behind the Nightmare Armor. Its an awesome interview and explains how Nightmare Armor is making some kick-ass stuff for Microsoft. Awesome!
Take it Off!
Posted: 7:59 pm by Wolfy -
We've all been wondering what the Master Chief's face would look like without his helmet. Well, Sparkie at Halo Babies has taken a new step by actually drawing the MC without his helmet -- Fantastic work (although I would imagine the MC to have some gray hairs... or maybe a lot). (Heads-up thanks to Louis Wu HBO)
Charlie Has Been Let Loose
Posted: 7:54 pm by Wolfy -
Fire Team Charlie 13 has been released to the general public and can be found here in their downloads section. If you don't have bitTorrent however, you might have a tough time downloading this.

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