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Saturday, July 10th 2004
Red Season is Over
Posted: 10:33 pm by Wolfy -
Sadly, RvB Season Two comes to an end on Sunday as the guys post the 38th installment of their series (Wow... thats a lot). Anyone know what a K.I.T. B.F.F. is?
GameSpies 3
Posted: 10:28 pm by Wolfy -
GameSpy posts their 3rd edition of their "We can spill beens" article on Halo 2. This time they review all of the audio and visual changes in Halo 2. Neat, go read. If you missed the first 2 parts, just click the links for the different pages at the top and bottom of the site.
Take a Breather, You're Still Going Nowhere
Posted: 9:06 pm by Wolfy -
HBO has put up a nice status update for anyone that has been going nowhere faster then they can keep up with their posting of the winning movies. If you understood that sentance you obviously have a greater IQ then me. Go check out the status on the winning entries to HBO's Going Nowhere Fast contest.

Also the guys that think they can archive the internet has put up a whole section dedicated to speedruns through various games, including Halo. Cool! Go check this out in case you've missed something. (I wonder if they can archive my soaps...) Kudos to HBO.
Friday, July 9th 2004
Dew da Halo 2
Posted: 7:39 pm by Wolfy -
Whoa! Mountain Dew wants to see you play Halo! You will get a chance to get some time playing Halo 2 or.... you read the post:

SketchFactor wrote:
Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Bungie community – a select team of Halo players may be chosen to visit us at the Xbox testing facility in Redmond, Washington and have a Halo 2 LAN party NEXT WEEK (on July 17). If you are chosen, you may be photographed for a print advertisement
So, we know you want to play some Halo 2 -- Go take a shot!
Whoa... You'll Need Some Time
Posted: 7:31 pm by Wolfy -
Yes, this weeks Bungie Weekly Update is massive. In fact, its so massive HBO Forums is the carrier of it, and oh boy is it massive. It might take a few long minutes to read it, but its filled with interesting details.
Thursday, July 8th 2004
More Scotts
Posted: 5:20 pm by Wolfy -
In case you are still laughing at Jason's kick-ass EEFFFERRRRTs at doing the Scottish voice, why not listen to a cool Scottish-like Halo remix by Freemind and GrayLightning over at OCRemix. Great effeerrrrtt guys, it sounds great!
Tell Me Everything!
Posted: 11:35 am by Wolfy -
GameSpy spilled out every little piece of dirt they had about Halo 2's weaponry and vehicle bling, and have assembled it all into an awesome article for us all to read. Thats right, 4 pages of Halo 2 that you might not have known about, and theres more on the way -- This is only 'Part One'.
New Screen... Thing
Posted: 11:33 am by Wolfy -
As Bungie's 7th item on Bungie day, they have given us a new Halo 2 3D screenshot thing that demonstrates how Warthog launching will be done in Halo 2. Interesting, I wonder if a tire will kill you if it lands on you from up there... go check it out.

This is the second three-dimensional screenshot of its kind. Click here to see the first one!
Wednesday, July 7th 2004
T3h Best Moments
Posted: 8:02 pm by Wolfy -
...are ones that you remember... Bungie fortunately remembers a lot! You can read the best and worst moments of Bungie Employees. Its all quite funny, especially the Scottish guy. So go read, and laugh!
Win Old Crap
Posted: 7:51 pm by Wolfy -
Thats right, old crap! Bungie has a cool contest up for Bungie Day. Whats the contest you ask? Guess which Bungie employee belongs to which work desk! Sounds like fun, I would suggest you check this forum thread for details.

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