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Thursday, July 1st 2004
More Blood
Posted: 8:35 am by Wolfy -
HBC Admin Shadow (via instant message) notified me this morning that Mothergoat, composer of Hail to 117, is working side-to-side with Console Troopers, the guys currently developing Halo: Blood Covenant (the 2D side-scroller). So if you're interested in hearing some good Halo-themed music I suggest you go check these guys out. They are also working on getting Edgen Animations to help out! :smile:
Wednesday, June 30th 2004
Halo Humpday Surprise
Posted: 8:21 pm by Wolfy -
Bungie posts some more screenshots seen in magazines. Today, Wednesday or Humpday as Frankie calls it, is from the June issue of Official XBox Magazine (E3). There is a lot of juice you might have missed while reading this issue, so I suggest you read it. There is also a tidbit in there about the unmasked grunt.

This day also includes new renders, new print art, and finally, some new screenshots too.
Impress your Mom!
Posted: 7:57 am by Wolfy -
dolbex sends word that if you're interested in winning a free entry to Halo 50k3, it's as easy as impressing your Mom. A little confused? Don't be, it's simple. is holding an "Impress Your Mom" contest for some free MLG swag and a Halo 50k3 entry. All you have to do is send in a short clip of your best multiplayer kill in Halo and if your entry is chosen, you win. Check out for more details. Oh, and the deadline is July 20th -- so get movin'! (source: tJY)
E419 Season 2
Posted: 7:49 am by Wolfy -
Bluestone has added some new screenshots of the upcoming animated series EchoFourNineteen. And I must say his work is very impressive and that I am looking forward to watching this revamped series. Check out the new screenshots here.
AI Contruct fails
Posted: 7:42 am by Wolfy -, run by, is down:

Steve wrote:
Cortana Org, for the time being, is now officially offline. When the time comes, I will post a short editorial concering it's removal from the community.

The Forerunners Network is staying online and will continue to service the community. We have added a record number of new members.

We will be posting thier sites very soon.
Posted: 7:40 am by Wolfy -
XBox Ottowa has upped a new contest on their site -- Beat them on Halo over XBConnect & Win a Prize! Shouldn't be too hard right? Wrong, these are crazy Canadians so watch out :wink:. You can find rules and regulations here.
Posted: 7:18 am by Wolfy -
And this is where fun begins. HaloPlanet, formerly Battleground: Halo, has opened up for business and is already steaming with content. The site directors had this to say, along with a nice interview of the New Mombasa map maker himself, Nitrous Oxide.
Monday, June 28th 2004
The Better Bling.
Posted: 8:55 pm by Wolfy -
Bungie posts an extremely pre-release press story on the AMG Transport Dynamics 2553 Hog. Wow, this piece of metal looks amazing -- the ultimate in off-road vehicles! Although expensive, I believe it will revolutionize the way we drive. Car of the future? YES! Based on the totally pimped original Hog we see in Halo? YES! Ultra-bling? YES! Read.

Big Pimpin' WOW!
THE Bling
Posted: 8:44 pm by Wolfy -
A new wallpaper has appeared at Bungie by the now very famous Zoe.

SketchFactor wrote:
If the "WortWortWortHog" wallpaper on your computer is starting to feel a little stale, you're in luck! artist Zoe is at it again, this time with a new desktop based off the uber popular OXM cover created by Lorraine McLees last year. Check it out!
Up Close Action... figures.
Posted: 8:22 am by Wolfy -
Over at HBO, Miguel Chavez has taken the time to get us high resolution pictures of the E3 2004 Halo action figures from Joyride. Just look at them.

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