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Monday, June 14th 2004
Weekup Update Updates...
Posted: 8:03 pm by Wolfy -
...catchy title eh? Well, I have been working hard to bring you a more up to date Bungie Weekly Update archive. I am currently working on getting a search feature up, and dynamic pagination. But, you don't really need to know too much about that. :wink:

Check it out!
Tourny under way
Posted: 4:32 pm by MasterChief12887 -
H.B.O pointed out today, that there will be an online Halo tourny coming up soon. Sign ups have already started, and will be closed on June 25. It will be for Halo PC, sorry for all you XBC people, maybe next time. Go look at all the details .
Sunday, June 13th 2004
Posted: 5:50 pm by MasterChief12887 -
H.B.O has posted up a nice collections of wallpapers . 30 more were added in today.
Saturday, June 12th 2004
Sarge needs some education
Posted: 6:34 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Suzie Hoffenblatt got a chance to get an interview with the all favorite Sarge, right before they went into battle. From the looks of the interview, I would say that Sarge dropped out of school :sad: . It's a pretty good read, go check it out yourself here.
New gameplay?
Posted: 7:17 am by Wolfy -
I found a new Halo 2 gameplay movie while I was visiting our good friends at Talk It looks somewhat old, but I don't remember it. This movie really shows how much Bungie has been working on the 1st-to-3rd person viewing, and other features such as seeing your leg armor if you were to look down while jumping. It also shows how high the MC can jump...

Go see it: Halo 2 - E3 2K4 Kikizo (3.1 MB)
Friday, June 11th 2004
And finally...
Posted: 7:34 pm by Wolfy -
The Bungie Weekly Update! This time its over at and it is pretty pimpin. I wish I had a spare 300 XBoxs...
Posted: 4:13 pm by Wolfy -
[June 10th] Very cool. Ben, from XboxOttawa, has put together another Flash game - in this one, you've got to take out Covenant troops with your warthog. Your hog takes damage, so be careful... wipe out the communications pods for a temporary map to the baddies. And stay away from artillery - it'll tear you to pieces! As of right now, you can find it at Newgrounds. [Thanks to Louis Wu]

[June 9th] Gamespot suggests that XBox multiplay stinks compared to the internet driven computer. Interesting article... quite the read.

Noah Hoffman, aka Shrike, has sent word about a new Halo track he's created; it's a remix from different parts of the main theme. It's made for listening to while playing Halo - and it works nicely for that! 7:18 long, 8.3 mb big... give it a listen! Its awesome! [Thanks to Louis Wu]

[June 8th] interviews Sgt. Kelly Hafer, a soldier in Iraq, about the carnage being done there. No, not killing Iraqis but their own kind in Halo matches! Go read, then Google 'camel spider' if you aren't too queezy [thanks Louis Wu].
Holy crap
Posted: 11:34 am by Wolfy -
I missed you guys! While the guys over at the datacenter (the network we are hosted on) were having some hard drive problems, I was crying my eyeballs out screaming for mercy. Their story goes something like this:

Jacques, CEO wrote:
Monkies have taken over our servers and have gathered for some chocolate milk. Thats when the problems erupted -- Our servers are lactose intolerant. Then....... [transmission interrupted] ///
Sorry again folks for the downtime! We will do our best to fill you in on news!

While we get things sorted out, go check out the latest Marines [wonder if downtime had anything to do with this...].
Tuesday, June 8th 2004
And the awards go to...(again)
Posted: 1:27 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Again, more awards were handed out for E3. This time, by Gamecriticsaward. Best Action, Console, and Online Multiplayer awards were given to Halo 2. Check out the reads.
Monday, June 7th 2004
Battleground Halo
Posted: 4:12 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Battleround:Halo has posted up there update. It's got many skinned models of Halo vehicles and some marines.

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