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Monday, May 10th 2004
Check out time
Posted: 9:00 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Libraries are so boring...too many books, and too many people saying "Shhh!!" all the time. Well heres a Library you should enjoy. Simply's a Library of Halo!! All the info and details you need about everything in Halo, even including Halo 2!
Halo 2 Upon us...
Posted: 5:55 pm by Wolfy -
Bungie's news for today, and probably the last for a few days as they head to E3 in Los Angeles, explains that Halo 2 will be seen -- And possibly new content availible soon!
SketchFactor wrote:
This year we have high hopes that we'll actually be able to hook up one of our webcams for FanFest. So, expect the middle camera to be offline as of this afternoon. I'm going to TRY and hook it up tomorrow and hopefully leave it up for E3 as well as FanFest. Wish me luck!
Go read! Thanks to Jerstud for mentioning this.
Sunday, May 9th 2004
Posted: 10:40 am by Wolfy -
If you haven't noticed, the TeamSpeak webpost (script that posts our TS suerver status) has been screwy and had many errors. Its all fixed now though! If you have a mic, and want to chat - come check it out!
Saturday, May 8th 2004
Need a lesson?
Posted: 5:43 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Confused on how to use the HEK? Well Darksage over at Halo Source has wrote up a little tutorial to help you start things of nicely.
Vote for Halo!
Posted: 4:29 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Over at Gamespot they're hosting a poll to figure out which game fans are looking forward to the most at E3. So far Halo is in the lead with 33%, and Half-Life 2 coming in with 19%. Help Halo keep the lead!
MC Vs. MC?
Posted: 3:17 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Wow, check out these Mc's going at it. The video end it pretty'll have to watch and find out!
Halo: Blood Covenant
Posted: 10:10 am by Wolfy -
Console Troopers, the guys currently developing Halo: Blood Covenant, mentioned that they have completed their demo - to be released on May 15th! Awesome!
Posted: 9:55 am by Wolfy -
Battlground: Halo is having a Halo 2 Haiku contest featuring prizes such as passes to MLG Halo tournament (first place). Very interesting if you ask me :wink:.
MLG Presented tourny
Posted: 9:49 am by Wolfy -
The MLG (Major League Gaming) is having their Midwest Madness, a tournament in Chicago on June 19th and 20th. Check out the website for details about registration, hotels, and the like. Lookin' good! (from: HBO)
Bungie weekly update @ BG:H
Posted: 9:44 am by Wolfy -
Battleground: Halo recieves Frankie's Bungie Weekly Update, and this one has some stuff to gulp down. It mentions E3 stuff, and most importantly Halo 2 stuff. Quite the read as always, check it out.

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