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Saturday, May 1st 2004
Marty's B-Day
Posted: 9:09 am by Wolfy -
Today is Marty O'Donnels Birday (107)! If you are a big fan of Halo's music, go join the Marty Army, or check out this awesome tribute to him over at

Once again, Happy Birthday to Marty!
Friday, April 30th 2004
Yes, its coming.
Posted: 9:44 pm by Wolfy -
After all the wait, whine, and hype, information on the beloved Halo Editing Kit has been posted on! It explains that this Halo PC mod kit is in fact on its way by Gearbox!

FAQ on the Halo Editing Kit
Get the latest from Gearbox
Covies incoming!
Posted: 9:39 pm by Wolfy - has been updated with a new Top Story - A Covenant Primer: The Best of the Bestiary. There's some excellent background information about the Covenant itself (and how the Forerunners fit into the equation), along with individual descriptions of each client species. Absolutely worth a read for anyone interested in the backstory of Halo! (HBO)
Update underground
Posted: 9:36 pm by Wolfy -
This weeks Bungie Weekly Update is posted yet again on Bungie's own Underground forums.

Frankie wrote:
Short and largely pointless this week, as the team crunches, the marketing guys are swept into the maelstrom of E3, and just about everyone this week, not coincidentally, is working on a secret part of the game that they can't even really hint at.
Oh wow!
Posted: 7:50 pm by Wolfy -
I would like to welcome you to Sector 7 version 5.0! While the main design is very much complete, there may be some errors, color disfunctions, and weirdness. Please help us out by contacting the site admin, or posting in our "Feedback forum" about any problems you encounter. We would really appreciate that!

Anyway, a few things you may notice --

People online: Shows how many people are currently on the site (5 minute delay however).
Top/Bottom navigation: For those of you who cannot seem to find the very large navigation button on the left, there are links to the more important features of the site on the top and bottom.
News layout: The site will now show up to 10 news items rather then the past 5. Also, clicking on the title of the news item will bring you to a permantent link to that news (good for quoting our news).
Advertisement: So you don't have to stare at the advertisement, we have put it to the bottom -- and its a horizontal one! You might be saying "Whoopdy-doo", but this is a good thing because they are not linked to any pop-ups, and you really won't notice it on the bottom! I swear you wont!
Screenshot gallery: Yes! We have a new Halo screenshot gallery featuring TONS of awesome screenshots right from the game! This selection is sick -- Come check it out!

I would like to give a million thanks to good friend Mr. Pemberton for helping me code this monster of a web site!

Covenant History
Posted: 5:16 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Ever wondered the background history of all of the Covenant species? Well today Bungie released a very excellent article describing all of the Covenant forces. Go Here to check it out
Halo PC updated version
Posted: 5:04 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Ever wanted to create your own maps, and edit things in Halo PC? Well now heres your chance. Gearbox has created a downloadable update, and passed it through Bungie. Go check out the story at Bungie
Thursday, April 29th 2004
Going nowhere fast
Posted: 10:35 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Think that you're the fastest at beating a level, or the whole game of Halo? Well then heres your chance to prove it. Theres a contest being held called Going Nowhere Fast. You'll be submitting entries and competing with people nation wide. Good luck!
Posted: 8:31 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Looking for more desktop pictures of Halo to put up? Well the guys over at HBO have put together a few new ones for you guys to check out. Desktop Pictures
Wednesday, April 28th 2004
Wideload is gearing up
Posted: 9:44 pm by MasterChief12887 -
Revealing some of it's new information, Wideload has in production a game that will be using the same Halo engine, but in a different way. Think they have what it takes to beat Halo? Check out the background information on Alex Seropian, co-founder of Bungie Software over at 1up

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