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Wednesday, January 21st 2004
Guaranteed to improve your vocabulary!
Posted: 12:49 pm by Bongo -
If you were expecting cool gimmicks, prizes, videos, movies, or contests today, than I'm sorry to announce that this is not your day. There is however, a great deal of interviews, so go dig out those glasses- for your screen-staring eyes sake.

First, an interview Lorraine McLees (from, on the exciting world of Box Art Design.....right.....

Once you're done with that, it's off to the more serious world of piracy. The interview with Peter Tamte discusses the newly released patch for the Mac version of Halo PC. Apparently a great controvery has been raised about the patch, as it now requires for the cd to be in the disk drive for Halo PC to run. Apparently it has to do with a new protection software, so go read!
Tuesday, January 20th 2004
Now With Methactin!
Posted: 12:29 pm by Bongo -
Lots of news regaring the Halo Nightmare armor today. First an awesome movie, displaying the transition from an ingame Master Chief to the real life Nightmare armor. Once you're done watching that, why not check out this fascinating interview with the head man behind the Nightmare armor team. Enjoy!

As if getting your weekly dose of Red vs Blue days before the rest, our favorite Halo comedians have just made even more reasons to subscribe. The website has just recently released bonus material (not all related to Halo, however), including the scripts for the first two episodes of Season 2, as well as a rejected advertisement for the Spike TV Video Games award.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that help is on the way for those suffering some ATI Radeon Card-Halo PC'ious Syndrome. If you have WindowsXP and an ATI Radeon graphics card, these new Catalyst 4.1 drivers should help...
Monday, January 19th 2004
Movies, Update, and a tiny white bar...
Posted: 6:26 am by Bongo -
Red vs Blue released episode 21 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, entitled "Motion to Adjourn". Can't wait another week until the next release? You could always subscribe...

Mac Halo 1.03 update has just been released. We already have it up for download in our downloads section. Enjoy you Mac gamers... er... is that a real phrase?

Finally, may I direct your attention to the white bar above my news column. A clear yet dotted line I know, but is it not sexy? Nigh you say? Blaspheme, begone you nay-sayers!
Sunday, January 18th 2004
Are you ready?
Posted: 8:28 am by Wolfy -
Are you ready for the Bungie Pentathalon?

This Friday is the annual Bungie Winter Pentathlon and once again we're asking you to vote for which team you think will walk away with the coveted cup. Though many of you voted otherwise, the Newbies emerged victorious at our Summer Pentathlon last year. Will you pick the winner this time?

The Winter Pentathlon pits 4 Bungie teams against one another in a grueling tournament of game mastery. The games on the agenda this year are Halo 2, Mario Kart Doulbe Dash, Top Spin, Eye Toy and Pictionary. As usual, teams are broken up by seniority with people being assigned to either The Grizzled Ancients, Old School, Middle School or Newbie squads.

Naturally I'm biased towards my own team, the Newbies, but after our strong decisive victory at the Summer Pentathlon, we've got a good shot at claiming the cup once again. Cast your vote and stay tuned for a blow by blow report when the dust has settled.

In the meantime, why not try out this new Big Head mod for Halo PC. It's been updated, so now the mod is compatible with every map for Halo PC. Enjoy!
Saturday, January 17th 2004
Game Over
Posted: 11:13 am by Bongo -
The Plinth of Art, a contest held by HBO, closes today as of 11:59pm (UTC). Any submissions after this point will not be accepted, and you will not be eligable to participate in the contest. HBO would like to thank all that participated, and if you do have a strip you'd like to submit- visit HBO immedietly, as you only have so many hours left.

XFire. Ever heard of it? Neither have we, but from what we've heard and seen it appears to be a very promising program for gamers and chat-room addicts alike! It's a client application that makes it easier to play any online games online with your friends. Think of it as a mix between ICQ, a game server browser and Friendster- in general, no more ALT+TAB minimizing! The program can also be used for the following...
  • Shows you when and where your friends are playing and lets you join their game with one click.
  • Automatically tells your friends if you're "up for a game".
  • Shows you where your friends of your friends are playing online-- so you can always find someone to play with.
  • Lets you receive and queue instant messages during a game without screwing up your game play.

The program can be found here, at If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or bugs that you would like to talk about- please feel free to email the administrator of the aforementioned webpage.

Furthermore, a new movie was released to the Halo community today, entitled Halo: Ice Fields. The trailer is 43 seconds in length, and 11.2 mb in DivX-encoded AVI. While none of the footage is actual ingame Halo footage, it's still an interesting trailer to watch. Enjoy!

Speaking of downloads, I'd like to announce (for those who don't know) that Sector 7 now has its very own downloads section! For those who's eyes aren't capable of straining as far left as the navigator bar, follow this link.

Have any news or programs you'd like to be featured on our site? Please address the emails to Bongo, as it would make it much easier than having to forward these messages between the staff members. Thank you!
Friday, January 16th 2004
Make Your Own Contest...Then Play By It!
Posted: 7:15 am by Bongo -
That's the idea behind the latest Red vs Blue, hosted and managed by the Short Family Website. The contest win run in two parts, the first being the actual creation of the contest, and the second being the actual contest. What do you do you ask?

Phase One: Think of a great idea for a contest for people that frequent the RvB forums. There are no limits but the contest that would be most likely to draw the most contestants will probably have a leg up on all the others. The winner of phase one will receive a Season 2 Super Sponsorship ($20). Contest ideas must be submitted before February 8, 2004. The winner will be announced no later than February 12, 2004.

Any contest idea should be submitted to Once they've recieved enough of these contest ideas, phase two will begin...

Phase Two: The phase one winner's contest idea will be fielded in the RvB Forums. Whoever wins the contest will receive a Season 2 Super Sponsorship ($20) and one runner-up will receive a Season 2 Sponsorship ($10). The contest is open to everyone (even sponsors and super sponsors). The idea is to be original but realistic. The judges of the contest will be my wife, one member of the RvB staff or forum mod, and myself.

Good luck everyone!
Thursday, January 15th 2004
Give them your money!
Posted: 6:43 am by Bongo -
Red vs Blue has made some updates in the way it handles subscriptions. Its web interface for registration is now much more streamlined, making it easier for the average user to set up an account. For those who don't know, $10.00 will give you access to all hi-res movies (which are delivered in a much more secure manner) days before the public premiere of the lo-res episodes, and $20.00 will earn you a free DVD of the season once all of the episodes have been released. So go ahead, give them your money!

Secondly, a Halo-modder named MonoxideC has created an online version of the Library. That's right, the level that everone loves to hate is now available for all your multiplayer carnage needs! You can view the post and read about the map here!

Finally, Louis Wu from HBO has announced his hosting services will be setting up a massive Halo PC community game. Read about it here...

Wednesday, January 14th 2004
Games, gifts....girls?
Posted: 5:04 pm by Bongo -
2004 is going to be a big year for Xbox gaming with the upcomming release of Halo 2, but would anyone have guessed that leagues have already been formed? That's right, gamers all across the globe are already setting up leagues and tornaments for Halo 2, and the game hasn't even come out yet! Read more about these leagues here, and shame on you for not knowing! :tongue:

For those gamers who just can't wait to get your hands on anything Halo, fear not! HBO says that their delayed prizes for the Great Halo Scavenger Hunt are finally being shipped to the winners (You did win, didn't you?). Louis Wu had this to say...

To the folks who've been sending us mail, asking us when (or even if) they're going to get their prizes for the Great Halo Scavenger Hunt - they should be on their way. Ciarán Walsh just got his - and he lives in Ireland. SketchFactor apologized a few days ago for the delay - better late than never, right?

Finally, I am sorry to announce that there are no girls at Bungie handing out phone numbers. But if there are any femme-gamers visiting our website, then feel free to make yourself known on our forums. As our mighty administrator has said, they're "Blingin"...

Tuesday, January 13th 2004
Grab Some Popcorn!
Posted: 7:57 am by Bongo -
While you're busy waiting for the next Red vs Blue episode, why not check out these? Synide has put together a wonderful movie of basically everything Halo, as well as some of the ironic (and funny) things that plague us online gamers. HBO had this to say...

Synide has put together a rambling, 6+ minute long film showing... well, lots of stuff. It's called 'WTF LAG', and even starts out showing a few clips explaining this expression in humorous fashion... but quickly moves on to gameplay tricks, funny situations, and downright awesome skillz on the battlefield. (There's a 20 second segment where synide takes out two full jeeploads of enemies AND returns the flag, while under continuous attack from the other two members of the opposing team... and he does it alone.) Some of this will make you wonder why you're watching it. Other chunks you'll want to watch again. It's huge (82 mb, for a 640x480 film; some segments are in 4-player splitscreen mode, so I didn't feel comfortable shrinking it down), and as I said, it rambles... but if you've got the patience, it's a lot of fun.

View the video here!

Secondly, we finally have some Halo news for you! A post over on the Gearbox forums indicates that the Halo Editing Kit will be released....sometime soon. Better then never I guess. :smile:

Monday, January 12th 2004
O' back in the day...
Posted: 1:12 pm by Wolfy -
Remember the Halo Quiz here at Sector 7 last summer? Well, in the past two days, we have been taking took good time re-developing this quiz. It is now equipt with the anti-multi-taker action - If you are to take the quiz twice, a giant arm from under your seat will come up and slap you in the face! We have also developed a High-Score list! Go test your knowledge, now.

Then, once you're done, go post your results in our forums!

UPDATE: We have worked out some of the "kinks" of the quiz. If you are having any problems/questions about the quiz, please contact Wolfy.

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