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Saturday, December 27th 2003
CobaltNova - may come back!
Posted: 11:06 am by Wolfy -
It seems that the CobaltNova site has gotten a very nice face-lift (new design), and things are looking more lively. There is some talk about this newly refurbished site becomming a "repository for Halo based art with the announcement of monthly prizes for the best work," said Cobalt himself.

p.s. Just noticed this: On the top navigation bar, there is a link for Quality Fan Sites - Sector 7 is on that list of few. Huzzah!
Wednesday, December 24th 2003
Posted: 5:16 pm by Wolfy -
I have been working on creating a new forum theme, and going through a lot of 'red-tape' to get this done in time. Turns out I am way ahead of schedule. So, instead of making you wait, the new forums have been released! WHOO! You can check them out HERE. I hope you enjoy, and make yourself a home in Sector 7.

I want to wish EVERYONE a safe and Happy Holidays. We are always thinking about you here at Sector 7.

This is Wolfy signing off on the day before Christmas.
Take joy in the holidays by...being grumpy?
Posted: 7:05 am by Wolfy -
During my free time, for the past few weeks, I have been doing an article about the Annoyances of Halo. I finally finished Part 1 of my several-upcomming-issues. This one is about Tkers. Enjoy!

Link: Annoyances of Halo part I: TKers

Secondly, on behalf of our staff and friends, merry Christmas!
Sunday, December 21st 2003
The Wizzle Shizzle?
Posted: 7:37 am by Wolfy -
Winter theme for S7 website. Enjoy folks - its looking good!
Saturday, December 20th 2003
Holiday Article
Posted: 3:32 pm by Wolfy -
This one is more for the parents:

Today’s ESRB ratings are absurd. Yes it’s true…and no I don’t mean that they are too high as most of you are hoping. You see, with the types of games coming out lately, the ratings are too low. An article by Sonic mentions the hazards of these graphical games, and how parents should watch out for their children making sure they stay away from the more adult-rated games. A very interesting read if you are a parent and have children. Go read it!
Finally... an email!
Posted: 8:35 am by Wolfy -
We finally recieved an email from people in the real world!

Webshift from Nightmare Armor emailed us about their bangin new Halo armor these guys made. They are a group of 8 creative, and avid Halo players/fans. If you plan on needing any armor for any reason at all, go check these dudes out.

See, we do answer your emails, dont be afraid to contact us for anything Halo, or game related - we are friendly people.
Friday, December 19th 2003
Better than finding your very own me under the tree....
Posted: 10:46 am by Bongo -
....or not. But, ATI has released a driver update on its Catalyst 3.10 Radeon XP graphics cards, and to our joy fixes many of the minor graphical errors that plagued Halo PC! :smile:

Secondly, has released their 2003 Game of the Year awards, and Halo PC has placed...well, I'll leave that for you to find out!

Merry Christmas from Sector 7, and happy holidays to those who're just getting off for their Christmas break!

Wednesday, December 17th 2003
More contest!
Posted: 1:55 pm by Wolfy -
Shacknews, gaming news site, is giving away a bunch of games for free, including 5 copies of Halo, simply if you just sign up and be the lucky chosen one. If you believe you are this "luky chosen one", go sign up now!

Is There A Halo Community?
Posted: 1:48 pm by Wolfy -
From HBO

Narcogen, over at, has written the first of a multipart series about the Halo community. Coming as it does from a longtime Bungie fan and community leader, it's an interesting read; newer fans might find it interesting to see where the 'old guard' is coming from. I'm looking foward to the next part!
New Wallpaper from Bungie!
Posted: 1:37 pm by Wolfy -
Bungie released a new wallpaper entitled "Ancient Halo" for us fans to have. Weird though, they didn't give any real notice of this new wallpaper - the fans just found it and told. I wonder why they would do this to us, maybe some kind of message? Anyway, you can download it HERE.

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