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Saturday, December 13th 2003
Halo for Macintosh Now Shipping
Posted: 5:41 am by Wolfy -
MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Destineer's Macintosh unit, MacSoft, announces that Halo for Macintosh began shipping to retailers yesterday (December 11) and is already available at some North American retailers. Halo for Macintosh will be available in Europe later next week.
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Thirsty for Grunt?
Posted: 5:37 am by Wolfy -
We want Grunt Plushy things! From HBO

Okay, in general, I think online petitions are silly. However, I'm willing to make an exception this time... because of the subject, and because of who's putting it forth. SketchFactor jumped on our forum yesterday to suggest that the reason there's never been a Grunt Plushy is because the marketing folks don't believe there's a demand... and he offered an online petition for interested parties to sign. If you, like me, would love to get your hands on a soft Grunt Plushy collectible... sign this now! (There are 155 signatures as of this writing. Let's crank that up a notch.)

So if you want to cuddle a nice grunt in your bed at night, I suggest you sign the petition so we can show them how much we want the cute grunty plush things...... if not, sign anyway!
Wednesday, December 10th 2003
Stare at it long enough and you'll see a zebra!
Posted: 9:40 am by Bongo -
While you're busy waiting for you downloads to finish, why not view these awesome screenshots from XLNC...unless an uninspiring download box is your cup of tea...

Secondly, Sector 7 would like to remind you that the Halo PC v1.03 patch is available for download from the comfort of our servers. So go and enjoy the many great changes the patch has made to the game you already love!

Tuesday, December 9th 2003
Help Wanted: Leaky roof needs patching...
Posted: 10:55 am by Bongo -
After many days in wait, the delayed Halo PC 1.03 patch is finally available to gamers everywhere! You can download it at almost any Halo fansite (Sector 7 will be hosting it as soon as possible for your convenience), but for those who cant wait to see the changes it's made you can download it here at!

In other news, HBO is featuring a scanned article of the "Making of Halo"...
A couple of months ago, Edge Magazine published an article in their Equip Xbox issue called 'The making of... Halo'; it was a fascinating look inside the development process. It was released online, in truncated form, at, in late October. Not long after that, we received a scanned copy of the full article, from broony, and we set about getting permission from Edge to put it online. We never did receive an answer from them... but the issue is now long off the shelves, so you'll find it in our Press Scans section (which is otherwise woefully backlogged - scanner's on the fritz). broony did a pretty good scanning job, and I did my best to make the result as readable as possible without being too hard to download. Enjoy!

You can view the article here!

UPDATE: Sector 7 now has the latest patch for Halo PC up for download. You can download it HERE
Monday, December 8th 2003
Do you play the waiting Game?
Posted: 2:11 pm by Wolfy -
Waiting is something no one likes to do. Whether itís waiting for a demo download or waiting for your favourite show - we all wait. But there is one thing many gamers donít like to wait for, and thatís game releases. A new article from our very own Sonic explains why waiting is better than just demanding a game to come out. Its a pretty interesting read.
Biggie Mac Gamers
Posted: 10:27 am by Wolfy -
Halo for Mac computers has gone gold today!

From the Press Release:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Destineer's Macintosh unit, MacSoft, announces that the Gold Master of Bungie Studios' Halo: Combat Evolved for Macintosh has been approved by Microsoft and Bungie. Manufacturing of the product began on Friday, December 5. The game will begin shipping from Destineer's warehouse on Thursday, December 11. Halo for Macintosh should be available in most retail stores in North America early in the week of December 14 and in Europe later the same week.
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Saturday, December 6th 2003
Posted: 8:28 am by Wolfy -
From HBO

Last year, ran the Pillar of Art contest, where we solicited traditional-media artwork from Bungie fanatics. With $500 in cash, plus oodles of schwag (and some pretty cool stuff straight from Bungie), we were assured of fierce competition. We brought out the best in people... but for some, the best wasn't good enough. Never let it be said that neglects the little guy. Introducing... The Plinth Of Art - the contest for the rest of us. All you have to do is come up with an art-themed One One Se7en strip, and you could be a winner! Full details, including rules, prizes, and deadlines, can be found on the Plinth page. Remember - it's not how good you are, it's how many people you can claw your way over.

Plinth (noun)
: the lowest part of the base of an architectural column. In case you didn't know.
Holiday Wallpaper
Posted: 6:45 am by Wolfy -
To greet the holidays, we have put a nice holiday Sector 7 wallpaper. You can check it out HERE.

We would like to wish everyone have wonderful, and safe winter holidays (don't want anyone to drop their Halo disks in the snow... or have it plowed away :tongue:).

And for now, I must go shovel with my dad in this huge storm here in New Jersey, where as of now we have about 6 inches of snow - and its still comming down hard.
Saturday, December 24th 2005
Happy Holidays!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Community
It's been sort of a slow news week, but on behalf of the Sector 7 Staff I'd like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakah, and a Peaceful Kwanza!

Stay safe!

Saturday, December 10th 2005
Bungie WWU
Posted: 4:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
I'm a bit late on posting this, but the Bungie WWU is up again this week, without fail. It includes some Xbox 360 issues, and a farewell from Ninja on Fire, and the triumphant return of Shiska!

Go read!