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Friday, November 21st 2003
Just $29.99
Posted: 6:28 pm by Wolfy -
Hey gamers - you can now buy the XBox's famous hit game Halo, for just $29.99! Go go go.. BUY BUY BUY! Have fun.
Tuesday, November 18th 2003
Alas, more "bling"...
Posted: 3:47 pm by Bongo -
Sadly, I fear our site's webmaster has been watching more MTV than what is healthy and listening to far too much "gangsta" music, but with so little Halo news floating around lately I have but little options to choose from. So without further ado, the news for the day....

Halo inspired hip-hop music was released today and has been posted on HBO for all to enjoy. Chaostheory, its composer, had this to say about his latest work...

I am an avid hip hop producer and I noticed the music in the background of the H2 preview was about the right sample speed to loop and mess around with. I absolutely adore Halo, beaten on legendary a few times and play MP regularly so I thought I'd make a halo beat. With the music form the movie, combined with a few vocal grunt samples and the like, I put this together. The drums aren't outstanding and I could have chopped the sample better but it was kind of a rush be the judge.

You can download the (just over) 2mb trailer here courtesy of the great guys over at HBO!

Some sad news has been spreading across the Halo community today, shortly following the announcement that Cobaltnova would be shutting its doors. Cobaltnova and its webmaster Emil were both strong members of the Halo community, and they will both be greatly missed...

Due to very unfortunate circumstances that will now require all my time for the foreseeable future I had to shut down the site. I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to. I want to thank everyone for their incredible support during the last year.
- Emil

Sunday, November 16th 2003
Fresh Meat
Posted: 8:08 pm by Wolfy -
Along with our new layout and celebrations, our big cats brought in two new Sector 7 Staffers! Please put your grunty hands together for Sonic and Brerick! We have a lot in store for both of them, and we are sure you won't be bored any more!

You can read about these two new dawgs in the staff section.
Word from the g-unit
Posted: 3:51 pm by Wolfy -
Lets kick it up a notch with our new layout - for starters a nice new Halo PC Review:

Sonic, our newest member of the staff, has already sent us his new stuff! He wrote a review about what he thinks about the PC version of Halo. Check it out dawgs.

Fo shizzle - Halo PC Review
New Layout...
Posted: 2:37 pm by Wolfy -
Hey, over the weekend I have been working extremely hard on this new design for the site. I do have to say so myself - It's blingin. Enjoy!!!!

:laughing: :smile:
Saturday, December 24th 2005
Happy Holidays!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Community
It's been sort of a slow news week, but on behalf of the Sector 7 Staff I'd like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunakah, and a Peaceful Kwanza!

Stay safe!

Saturday, December 10th 2005
Bungie WWU
Posted: 4:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
I'm a bit late on posting this, but the Bungie WWU is up again this week, without fail. It includes some Xbox 360 issues, and a farewell from Ninja on Fire, and the triumphant return of Shiska!

Go read!
Friday, December 9th 2005
New Playlists Up!
Posted: 5:12 pm by Jag - Halo 2
The new playlists for Halo 2 have been up for a while if you've missed them! And they're a blast!

Team Action Sack: This playlist is what you should be playing if you're looking for a chaotic and unpredictable experience! Some games include Rocket CTF, or SWAT Fiesta, Ninja Assault - and much more! These games were submitted by the fans - I submitted Invisaball a while ago, and now you can play it in Matchmaking! Bungie does listen to the fans!

Rumble Armory: This is also an action-packed playlist, abiet less insane! This playlist pits you against up to 7 other people, with games that feature a single weapon set - games include Brutes, Swords, Sentinal Beams, and other similar games! Give it a try!

6 vs 6 Battle: This is basically something to fit between Team Skirmish and Big Team - 6 vs 6 battles using a mixture of the Big Team playlist and Team Skirmish.

Additional Changes: The Head to Head and Major Clanmatch playlists are gone - forever... Minor Clanmatch has been renamed 'Clanmatch' and now supports up to 5 people, but your Minor Clanmatch ranks remain intact. Team Snipers is now ranked - and your 'invisible' rank is now visible! If you played a little, you may be a 5 or 6, but some people are in the upper 20's! Big Team now supports only 7 or 8 players per team, to make way for 6 vs 6 Battle.

...a pretty significant update, to say the least.
Saturday, December 3rd 2005
Team ActionSack?
Posted: 3:12 pm by Jag - Weekly Whats Update
Bungie finally posted another WWU - and this one contains some very, very important information regarding the new playlists:

~Major Clanmatch and Head to Head have been removed.

~Minor Clanmatch has received a change in configuration. It will now be called Clanmatch and will allow for team of 4-5 clan members each. Your Minor Clanmatch ranks will persist to the new Clanmatch playlist.

~Two new unranked playlists have been added, Rumble Armory and Team ActionSack.

~6v6 Team Battle has been added as a ranked playlist featuring team sizes of 5-6 players each.

~Big Team Battle now supports only larger team sizes of 7-8 players each.

~Team Snipers is now a ranked playlist and has a total of 15 maps. Your hidden rank will now be displayed.


Important information indeed! The WWU also contains a little bit of an FAQ on how to change your 360 theme, and some stuff about the Halo Movie... Read it here!
Wednesday, November 23rd 2005
Black T-Shirts!
Posted: 5:11 am by Wolfy - Site News
We are now offering Black 'Oddball Series' t-shirts in our store! Buy while supplies last!