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Monday, September 8th 2003
Almost there....
Posted: 1:54 pm by Wolfy -
1 more item/feature left for Gearbox to complete before the official GOLD of Halo PC shows. Like HBO, I also wonder what that last item could be...
Friday, September 5th 2003
Want to play with my warthog?
Posted: 1:08 pm by Wolfy -

Bolingbrook, IL (SEPTEMBER 4, 2003)—Based on the hugely popular Xbox® sci-fi action-adventure game “Halo®” developed by Bungie, the first wave of three collectible figures by JoyRide Studios, a brand of RC2 (NASDAQ: RCRC), is here and available at retail now.

“These are some of the most highly anticipated collectible figures ever,” said Scott Corley, Managing Director of the Figure Team for JoyRide Studios. “The initial demand exceeded our product run, and only a limited number of figures will be produced before we move on to the assortment that’s coming out in November. The bottom line is, this collection is going to go fast.”

JoyRide Studios holds the exclusive license to produce these spectacularly detailed figures and is the first to bring a third dimension to characters from Halo, one of the top-selling video game titles ever released. The collection includes the Master Chief, the Warthog Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, and the AI construct, Cortana™. Suggested retail prices are $14.99 to $17.99.

The 1:12 scale Master Chief has more than 18 points of articulation, a reflective helmet visor, and an arsenal of three weapons. The 1:24 scale Warthog has working suspension, a rotating/pivoting machine gun, and comes complete with three figures—a mini-Master Chief and two marines. Finally, the translucent 1:12 scale Cortana comes on a lighted base, creating a glowing hologram effect.

A special promotion of Halo figures is planned for the October 2003 issue of GamePro magazine. Additionally, select retail outlets are offering the 3” Master Chief with assault rifle as a special bonus for customers who pre-order the video game Halo for Windows®, which will be released in September.

“Gamers have been waiting for these figures for months,” Corley said. “We’re looking forward to delivering high-quality collectibles to fans of the Halo universe.”
Tuesday, September 2nd 2003
Eh, sorry bout that.
Posted: 3:48 pm by Wolfy -
Today the MySQL server went down, making both the forums, and the poll system to be rendered useless. They were closed, until the problem was fixed. Well, the problem is now fixed. The Forums, and the poll is back up!

Monday, September 1st 2003
iGames Southern Regionals Results
Posted: 4:29 am by Wolfy -
Ernest Miller writes

"GameJockeys has a report with photos on the results of the iGames
Southern California Regionals in which 23 teams participated. "

It can be found here
Saturday, August 30th 2003
Posted: 6:31 pm by Wolfy -
...sorry for the lack of updates folks, but we are still working on our newest site (yes, things change [ was ]).

Meanwhile at Gearbox, we are waiting for the final 130 items to be worked on in Halo before it goes Gold! Lets give Gearbox a LARGE round of APPLAUSE for making it this far (not that I had any doubts) YEAH!
Thursday, August 21st 2003
More toys!
Posted: 11:14 am by Wolfy -
HBO wrote:
Pyxl writes that the Master Chief action figure is beginning to show up in some locations. "Some stores in West Virginia had them as of yesterday and those of us with 'Suncoast Video' stores will probably see them at the end of this week or early next." No word on other action figures, or the Warthog, though.
Halo PC Fanstock screens
Posted: 5:01 am by Wolfy -
At a recent Gearbox (Halo PC guys) gathering which was called "Fanstock", screenshots for the game have been posted. Here at Sector 7, we now have those screenshots in our database. Have fun.


The Halo Fanstock event took place August 15-16 (Friday/Saturday) at the Gearbox Software studios in Plano, Texas. Only a selected few of qualified people were allowed to attend. Once there, the group had dinner, talking with Gearbox game devs, had a question/answer session, played a live demo of Halo PC, and basically had fun.

Update - You can find a nice review of Fanstock here.
Wednesday, August 20th 2003
15,000th visitor!
Posted: 3:10 pm by Wolfy -
w00t w00t! Today we hit 15,000 visitors to this day!
Thursday, August 14th 2003
Posted: 7:48 am by Wolfy -
Today, we are proud to announce...

Homeworld 2 UNIVERSE.

It’s been years now since the Hiigarans traversed the galaxy in search of their true homeworld. The corruption of the Galactic Council has passed and the mighty empire itonce controlled has fallen. But all is not quiet in the galaxy. A new and savage race calling themselves the Vaygr now threaten Hiigara, and rumors spread throughout the void of a chilling prophecy. The battle for homeworld has only just begun...

Tuesday, August 12th 2003
Sector 7 is once again... BUSY!
Posted: 2:51 pm by Wolfy -
Sector 7 and it's staff (Bongo/Lukrus) are working on something so totally big, it knocked even my sock off! Okay, well not that big. We are working on another fan site for another game to further expand our network status. So, we will not be editing this site in any way, until we are finished.

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