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Wednesday, July 30th 2003
Become a Pro Gamer?
Posted: 2:28 pm by Wolfy -
Source - Yahoo! News, HBO

"Major League Gaming, a console gaming league for professional video game players, has signed Dustin 'HP Darkman' Langton to a management contract. First up - he's got an endorsement deal with LASR Accessories, a company that makes backpacks for consoles. HP Darkman seems to be the first Halo gamer to parlay his gaming skills into a fulltime moneymaking job... I doubt he'll be the last." <-- Ya' got that right :tongue:
Tuesday, July 29th 2003
Sector 7 Caption Contest
Posted: 7:04 pm by Wolfy -
Hello everyone. I am here to inform you about the Sector 7 RANDOM HALO QUOTE CONTEST! To participate in this contest, please send an e-mail to Wolfy, with the subject of "HALO QUOTE CONTEST". Please include your name, e-mail, and of coase a Random Halo Quote of your choice. You may include as many random quotes as you know, however only the person with the funniest quotes will have their saying(s) placed in the quote generator, which can be seen in the page title when you visit the site.

If we get enough quotes, we may start a "Halo Quote Archive" of our own.

Update on the Halo Quiz

Due to the overwhelming ammount of people who took the Halo Quiz (which is now offline), we have descided not to make a high scores list. Why you ask? Well, first reason is because of all the anonymous quiz-takers we had - people who forgot to insert names. Second is because many people retook the quiz so they got the perfect 45 out of 45 score. It is mainly a problem with the programming where it didn't filter out or check double IP address, or check to make sure the person put their name down. So, in turn Sector 7 is sorry you didn't get to see the great scores some people got. (Kudos to Lious Wu of HBO, who helped fix some problems, though!)
Play Halo PC!
Posted: 2:10 pm by Wolfy -
Gearbox has announced that they'll be running a team competition during their workshop at the CPL Summer Event - if you're a registered attendee, you can play 5-on-5 Halo PC from 2-5 pm on August 2 against Gearbox and Bungie employees, with the chance to win prizes from Gearbox, Bungie, and NVIDIA.

Monday, July 28th 2003
Good, juicy news...
Posted: 3:05 pm by Wolfy -
...NOT! There isn't much going on around the Sector 7 community. Oh wait! Fan Fiction is now up on the forums! Do you have a story you would like to tell us all? Post it there!
Tuesday, July 22nd 2003
Halo: PC @ Gamespot
Posted: 5:06 pm by Wolfy -
Inside the weekly Gamespot Newsletter for 7/22/03, I found this article about Halo: PC.

"The PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved is nearing completion, and it's looking great. We recently got a chance to hunker down with the multiplayer portion of the game and had a very good time. You may remember that developer Bungie originally unveiled Halo for the PC back in 1999. Microsoft later bought Bungie and made the game a launch exclusive for the Xbox, and since then, Halo has gone on to sell more than 3 million copies--and probably around that many Xboxes, since Halo is still considered the single greatest game for the system. Long story short, though, Halo is coming to the PC at long last. And it's pretty amazing to say that it's looking like it was worth the wait."

You can read the full preview, here.

Halo Movie awards!
Posted: 6:29 am by Wolfy -
Finally, a great idea! Emil writes:

There is currently a competition that is seeking to award the first annual "Rockets on Prisoner" awards recognizing excellence in film-making. With approximately 240 to 300 Halo movies having been developed since the game's release it was time that the community begin to recognize the very best among them. This year the "Rockets on Prisoner" award will be accorded to the winner in each of the following categories: Best Movie, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Editing Sound and Visual Effects, Best Musical Score, and Best Documentary. You can find a link to the official announcement and a list of the movies currently being considered as potential nominees here:
Monday, July 21st 2003
Posted: 7:52 am by Wolfy -
...well, it's been fun - Vacation is over. After many days at the beach, hot girls, and expensive dinners, we are back. Nothing much to say, except that the girls were hot :biggrin:

Okay, you want details? Check back later for a full page thing.

OH, by the way - It was my birthday yesterday! w00t!
Saturday, July 12th 2003
Posted: 12:17 pm by Wolfy -
Woohoo! We're going on vacation today, so sadly Sector 7 will be inactive. We will be back in about a week (Sunday, July 20th). So, have fun, and don't worry, when we come back, we'll post our stuff. Anyway, good day.

Version 2.5
Posted: 7:23 am by Wolfy -
You like the new colors? Comments are welcome!
Tuesday, July 8th 2003
Halo Quiz complete!
Posted: 8:33 am by Wolfy -
Working hard in the hot summer weather, typing HTML codes all day and night, 24/7...... sucks. I stay in the air conditioned house :tongue:. Anyway, do you think you know everything about Halo? Are you a "Big Shot" when you are playing against friend or foe in a grouling CTF match, talking smack... speaking the "Halo tounge"? Well, lets see how you do with the HALO QUIZ.

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