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Friday, May 23rd 2003
Updates on everything.
Posted: 8:29 am by Wolfy -
Well, some of the Sector.7 team has been away on a trip for 3 days, we were unable to post any new news. We are very sorry for this, but in the full version of this story all important news from the past 3 days will be readable.
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Monday, May 19th 2003
Updates on E3 2003
Posted: 5:29 pm by Wolfy -
Firstly, a recent IGN interview with Randy Pitchford - President, Production, Direction, Senior Game Designer for Gearbox Software, has told us all we needed to know about their new project, Halo: PC. Check out what key features have been told.

Secondly, the Halo 2 screenshots archive has been updated with a few new screenshots!
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Friday, May 16th 2003
Wish I was @ E3...
Posted: 8:29 pm by Wolfy -
Well, I guess it's fun looking at pics, wishing REALLY REALLY REALLY hard that some day... I will be showing off my latest, awesome games at the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

For cool stuff on E3 2003, go to's E3 2003 coverage site.
Thursday, May 15th 2003
More Halo Tourny!
Posted: 5:53 am by Wolfy -
This summer Arizona will be home to two of the biggest and entertaining Halo parties in the nation whose prizes will total $7500. You may have heard of these NO ELIMINATION tournaments already but some recent website updates and news has come up so we're out in force pimping to the public. Below you'll find the pertinent links, dates, unique aspects, art contests, and more.

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Tuesday, May 13th 2003
Posted: 6:11 pm by Wolfy -
More updates!

Halo PC screenshots
Halo PC section added
Games of E3

Thats all I have to say right now :biggrin:
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Halo 2 Screens!
Posted: 6:25 am by Wolfy -
It seems that white at a pre-peak of E3, which will start later today, Gamespot has recieved new screenshots of Halo 2! All can be viewed in the new Halo 2 screenshot archive. Go check it out!

Note - thanks to H.B.O. for this information.
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Sunday, May 11th 2003
Halo Screenshot Archive -----NEW!
Posted: 7:52 pm by Wolfy -
Visit the Halo screenshot archives!

Today, I have done the impossible, conquered the HTML basics, and am working toward having the most screenshots on the web... I have completed the Halo Screenshot Archives (HSA). The HSA is now home to over 74 screenshots. More will be updated everyday, until there is nothing left! I want to thank for the incredible screenshots, and Sector.7 does NOT take any credit for them. We just put them in a very large database where you can view them all at the same time :biggrin:
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Saturday, May 10th 2003
Halo Action Figure Contest!
Posted: 6:57 am by Wolfy -
Source H.B.O.

Email from EVILDARKZERO reminded us that we never mentioned the Halo Action Figure Contest being run in the June issue of OXM. To win the full line of soon-to-be-released Halo action figures, all you need to do is send an email to OXM, with your name, address, email and phone number, and you'll be entered. (They're picking 25 winners at random.) You can also send a letter to

Halo Action Figure Contest
c/o Official Xbox Magazine
150 North Hill Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005

Entries must be received no later than June 15, 2003, and the winner will be chosen on or about July 1, 2003. C'mon... what do you have to lose? (Contest is open to residents of the US only, sorry. And for some bizarre reason, it's void in Rhode Island, too. And Puerto Rico. And where prohibited by law. I think it's good to go in Peoria, however.)
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Wednesday, May 7th 2003
Halo Tourny in Arizona!
Posted: 6:02 am by Wolfy -
Where: Phoenix, Arizona
When: June 14th, 2003
How much $$$: $1,000 first place team prize

The HALO: Running Riot Invitational 3 is the third edition of the wildly popular series pitting 4-man teams against each other in the now universally copied NO ELIMINATION format that has drawn teams from as far as Texas, Colorado and even Ohio. The genius of this type of format is that even if your team happens to be eliminated from contention for the grand prize you continue to play for other gifts, prizes, and overall rank. Needless to say there is a lot more to this tournament than just a NO ELIMINATION bracket structure. We have gone out of our way to create a professionally administered tournament that emphasizes fun and game play. Here is a partial list:

- Over 240 Gifts and Prizes from Numerous Sponsors Including Video
- Games, Swag, Drinks, Halo Movies, & More
- Fully Catered Featuring Sub Sandwiches, Chips, and Soda
- Comfortable and Pleasant Setting in a Hotel
- 64-Person Free-For-All Championship
- Post-Invitational Team-by-Team Summary
- Individual MVPs
- Individual and Team Records
- Gaining National Attention
- Enjoying Twelve Hours of Halo Gaming with Your Friends

So head on over, and check it out!

EDIT: The day of the tournament is June 14th.
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Tuesday, May 6th 2003
Version 3 is now up!
Posted: 4:43 pm by Wolfy -
After quite a long time of editing and stuff, Sector.7 v3 is now UP! Enjoy. If there is anything wrong with anything, please feel free to contact me (Wolfy)

Look into my eyes.
Don't be distracted by my
astroturf jumpsuit.

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