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Ion's BIG Guide | The COMPLETE Guide by TablesandChairs4

Solo: to get on top of the map, lure a hunter to a low ledge above you and jump as the hunter hits you. You'll be thrown into the air high enough to reach the ledge. Do this where the two overshields are where you first see the hunters.
If you shoot a hunter with a assault rifle in it's weak spot (dead or alive) for some reason the same blood as the flood will come out instead of orange blood. This also works with the gun turrent of the warthog.

Co-Op: Both players must collect as many grenades as possible, then go to the first overshield where you first see a covenant dropship. Kill each other one at a time a make the grenades land on the overshield or near it. Go round the map collecting grenades and put them in the same place. Once you have enough, pick one up and throw it into the pile and then quickly pick up the overshield. You will be invincible whilst the over shield charges up so the grenades will chuck you miles and miles into the'll most likely die on the way down. It's also fun getting a warthog and doing the same thing.

More Co-Op: When you get to the doorway to the inside of the level (the one that the gold sworded elite is standing in), and the covies lock it before you can get through, put one player in the driver seat of the warthog (make sure you bring it down with you) and put the other in front of the locked doorway. SLOWLY drive the warthog towards the waiting player, as you startto push him against the door, he will either pop through the door, or die. After getting through the doorway, move the player to the shaft, where the cutscene starts, after the cutscene of the MC kicking a rock into the shaft, you will both be on that side of the door. Now, look down the shaft, near the entrance to the small overhang, you should be able to see two levels below you. On the first level below you there is a medkit, you can jump down to this, only losing a few bars of health, and be healed. Or, jump down two levels, trying to land on the overshield, if you land on the overshield you will not die, but if you miss you die instantly. If you only jump to the medkit, you can still jump down a level to the overshield, I can't remember for sure, but I think there is an elite down here, so watch for him if your shields are down. Now you are on the bottom level, right outside the room where the cartographer is, just run into the room, activate it, and run up through the level to the top level, the gold elite will be here now, a quick melee attack to his back and he will be dead.

This also makes the level more challenging getting back out. There will be two groups of enemies, in some cases three, because one group is supposed to be dead after you go down. One room in particular, as you come up a ramp, is full of jackals, but as you start killing, two hunters quickly come towards you, this room took my a long time to get through, and I was kind of dissapointed to see that the hunters didn't actually step on jackals to get at me. ~Submitted by Grunt-Killa