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Ion's BIG Guide | The COMPLETE Guide by TablesandChairs4

At the beginning of the level, you can drop back out of the PoA and land safely by sliding on the slope below.This is easier done in co-op. Go to the talking grunt and kill it from a distance, when you go up to it, the dead body stands and you can hear him talking to you whilst his dead.

Co-Op: When you first start the Maw, go ahead to the end of the lifepod tube. Then when cortana starts speaking, run back to where you started. As soon as it says "Check point completed", count to 5 slowly. When you get to 4, have player 2 jump off, and then have player 1 crouch. When you get to 5, wait about a half of a second and then slowly go down until you fall off. If you did it right, you will hit the sentinal, and then jump off and try and land on the slope - about the middle of it but not too far or you will die in mid-air. Don't get too close either or you will die on impact. Now, if everything goes right, player 2 will respawn on the hill you just landed, and player 1 will either die or be alive with 1 bar of health left and no shields. ~Submitted by Time2Die