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Ion's BIG Guide | The COMPLETE Guide by TablesandChairs4

Solo: When the monitor goes off to open a door, if the door your waiting to be opened has opened slightly leaving a small hole, you can do a grenade jump to get up and get through the door. You'll lose health but skip waiting for the monitor to return.

Co-Op: If one player stays on the lift you'll be able to go to the centre of the map and drop down. Normally when you try and do this, you'll die as soon as you attempt to drop down but if one player stays on the lift you'll be able to get down by losing a little health. When you drop back down, all the flood you left alive before you reached the lift will be frozen. You can shoot their arms off and the guns they are holding will be floating in mid-air. There will be blue doors down their, you can shoot or throw anything through them but they'll disappear.