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Ion's BIG Guide | The COMPLETE Guide by TablesandChairs4

When your in the gun turrent of the warthog, the player driving must drive in a straight line whilst the player on the back faces the opposite way and looks up, then they must jump out then jump when they drop onto the warthog. They should be launched quite high into the air, making higher places easily accessable.

Captain Keyes's pipe can be seen when he has become a flood. It's found on the end of those things that stick to the walls. They look like roots or something, but one of them in hanging down from the platform Keyes is on and the pipe is on the end of it.

To find a Red Hunter, do the AoTCR on legendary, try and save most marines. Try not to let more than three get killed. Then when you reach the area before the chapter "If I Had A Super Weapon..." there should be two hunters there, before you reach them there will be two elites using stealth. Kill them, and proceed onwards. One hunter will be red the other will be it's normal colour.

On "The Maw", when you reach the big jump at the end when your driving the warthog, jump off to the left and try and land on top of the road you normally land on. There will be two small tunnels on each side. The one on the left will have the word "rex" written in blood stains.

The easiest enemy to freeze is the hunter, to get him frozen lure him through a loading zone. Then make sure he is round a corner so he can't see you when you run back, if an enemy can see you then they will not become frozen. Once the hunter is around a corner, run back through the loading zone. Then you should still be able to hear the hunter moving around, quickly run through the loading zone again to see the hunter frozen. Now you can shoot him loads of times and build up loads of damage. Then to un-freeze him, run a distance away from him or go back through the loading zone. All the bullets and grenades you threw on him will damage him all at once. You can freeze other enemies but it's a lot harder. This is easiest done on the AoTCR map.

Three weapons at ONCE -- ONLY FOR FIRST LEVEL
Once you get to Keys and he hands you his gun, RUN LIKE MAD TO THE DOOR and out it. If you did it right it wont give you the gun Keys gave you and there won't be 3 grunts waiting for you. Continue into the Cafeteria(the place with all the tables) and kill an Covenant and get there gun. Then, go back to Keys and then leave again. The 3 grunts that weren't there before will be waiting for you. Once you've killed them, you will have access to a pistol, assult rifle, and a plasma rifle/pistol. In case you can't count, this adds up to 3 weapons.

Warthog launch:
This cheat only works in co-op not in split screen.

Go to a level with hogs (I recommend Silent Cartographer. get full grenades and stand in one spot. Have a friend hit you on the back.your grenades will go flying in one spot. Do this until you got a shit load of grenades in one little area. then back up and get in the hog. Put the hog over the grenades and back away. Throw a grenade under the hog and it will blow. If done properly it will go about 300-400 feet in the air.

Best way to kill
The simplist way to kill any living thing, for example your friends, Grunts, Elites, Jackals, Hunters, and Flood is to simply Melee attack there BACK. Jackals though, you can kill them that way if you hit them anywhere!!!

When you are at the begining of the 5th level when you are in the ship getting ready to get dropped off by eco 4 19, keep pressing x. When you jump out of the ship you will get back in the ship and take off with them.

Get on top of Sidewinder (multiplayer)
Ok all you hardcore soldiers, this might take a while. On sidewinder, you need to take the tank to the top of the mountain which is, the one that is connected to the two icons (the invisible and over shield).

When you take the tank up there, park it with the back of the tank touching the mountain on the left side so that your facing the tree. Now just bring a ghost up there, back up to gain speed and go straight in to the tank. If done correctly, you'll be on the very top of all the mountains. Yeah it'll be glitchy but none of your friends will know if your playing link multipayer. GOOD LUCK!

Ghost Ship
Go to the level "Assault on the Control Room" and wait for the cinamatic to quit. Quickly push X and you should get in the Pelican. If you stay in for to long it will disapear an you will fall into the mist. enjoy.

Melee and Pistol (tip)
The most powerful attack in the game is obviously the melee attack. I mean c'mon you are seven foot tall cyborg who can flip a tank with one arm, so use that power! The best configuration for this, that I've used, is the green thumb. You want instant access to all your attacks (Fire, Grenade and Melee) without taking your thumb off the right stick, hitting b after releasing the right stick gives the enemy time to move, so have the right stick click be melee! "But I need the scope" you say, forget the scope, it does you no good when a stealth elite is charging you, but the melee combined with a side step knocks the crap out of anyone. Don't waste ammo on jackals if you don't have a pistol or SR, just charge them(if there are three or less unoccumpanied) and knock the shields out of their hands, whala. Better yet, if you don't want to lose shield or life and there are only three or four infestation forms of the flood, just spread them out then let one jump for you one at a time into your well placed melee attack, time it right and you never get hurt, it becomes second nature pretty fast. Save those shotgun shells for bigger prey. Also a side note that has nothing to do with the melee attack...if you are a little wary of using the melee attack on a hunter, just whip out your trusty pistol(the one that shoots lead). For some strange reason this tiny weapon takes out your largest enemy(the hunter stupid!) with a SINGLE shot to the back. It has to hit the orange markings on his back, but if you are a good shot this is no problem. Also, if there are two, line one hunter inbetween you and another while strafing the slow fuel rods. The one in the back will shoot the other in the others weak spot for you!

Walking through walls
Very hard to accomplish, will take around 30 minutes.

On the Assault on the Control Room level, take your Banshee to the very end to that huge door that leads to the Control Room. Here's the "legendary" part. Back up to the door until you're touching it. Press X so you get out of the Banshee. If you're REALLY lucky it'll work and you'll be on the other side. All the Covenant do is... nothing! They just stand idly by while you bust them over the head or throw a grenade on them. You can also do this in the same area where that platform is. The one that's really high up on the opposite side of the Control Room. There's a locked door there that if you get through all the colors will be grotesque like there's no lighting effects. CAUTION! Once you go through you can't get back out! This will take time so don't give up. I've only got this to work on the platform one. But I've heard it can work on the Control Room door.

Find Two Banshees!
To do this you have to be in co-op. On the level Assault On The Control Room when your walking across the snowy bridge(you should save some rockets for this one)run out of the door and shoot the bigger alein first then the little one will start to run away and you will see a banshee but there will be a big alein garding it shoot him with a rocket but not so close to the banshee it will fall if the ledge after you kill him get in the banshee and when who ever gets the banshee first tell your freind to keep going down the bridge fast and there will be a second banshee kill the big alein and get in the banshee then you will have (2) kicking ass banshees!

Secret Cave
Hey, There is a secret cave in the 4 level you know the beach the silent catogifer or whatever anyway then you reach the first building were you go down and the aliens lock the door,Before you go inside if you keep driving forword towords the rock wall in the shadow there,there is a hole and it goes into the rock and comes to a little room there and it comes out down by the grass below the building, I think the only way to get into it with the worthog is to go to the exit of the cave down by the grass just stick to that wall and keep driving along it and you will see the entrance its there. it comes up were the hunters are after you go to the other parts its an easy way to kill them without being killed or hurt just stay in the cave and shootem from there and they won't follow you in the cav so if you get hurt any time around there go in there and let your shield charge up.

A BIG Thanks goes to Ion22 for submitting these. -- THANKS!

Halo PC -- Custom Edition: Right click on your Halo PC Custom Edition desktop shortcut, in the target field at the end of the target put a space, then "-console -devmode" with the quotes and the space between the two. Click on the Halo CE shortcut, and go to multiplayer. Create a LAN game, since this is all that devmode will let you do. Press ~ during a game to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: You cannot enable codes in online games. The exact command line for the code will look like this: cheat_deathless_player 1 In case you haven't figured this out -- 1 = enable cheat, 0 = disable cheat.
  • Toggle instant deaths for enemies that see player cheat_medusa <0 or 1>
  • Set game speed game_speed <0-20>
  • Clear console window cls
  • Toggle unlimited ammunition and no overheating for human weapons and plasma weapons cheat_bottomless_clip <0 or 1>
  • Unlimited ammunition cheat_infinite_ammo <0 or 1>
  • Super jumps cheat_super_jump <0 or 1>
  • Possess touched character cheat_bump_possession <0 or 1>
  • Invincibility cheat_deathless_player <0 or 1>
  • Spawn Warthog cheat_spawn_warthog
  • Spawn all power-ups cheat_all_powerups
  • Spawn all vehicles cheat_all_vehicles
  • Spawn all weapons cheat_all_weapons
Advice: Before performing the super jump, activate the deathless player cheat, it is a long long fall. Don't spawn too many vehicles, especially in a small level, and you may want to have deathless player activated here too unless you are in an open space.