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Ion's BIG Guide | The COMPLETE Guide by TablesandChairs4

Solo: At the beginning of the level, hold the "Left Trigger" you'll throw a grenade and stay seated in the pelican. You'll be taking up the top of the map. You'll find Mendoza up there and a dead flood body. When you see a jackal on the bottom of a tree, kill it quick then zoom in with the pistol and look up to the ledge to your right. You'll see two elite floods running away. You can't kill them but you can shoot them down but they'll get back up.

Co-Op: If one player uses the pelican to get to the top of the map and the other one finds the two flood running away, the player on top can actually stand where you see the flood. The person on top can shoot them but they'll quickly disappear if you let them run away too far or run out of your sights.