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Ion's BIG Guide | The COMPLETE Guide by TablesandChairs4

When you get the first banshee, instead of going to the generator, fly to the locked door on the bridge and do the banshee trick to get through. Once your through their will be no enemies anywhere and no vehicles either. You can go for a long boring walk to the end of the map but because there is no vehicles there will be no banshee to get to the end of the level.

To get to the start of AoTCR on Two Betrayals, simply get the banshee at the end of the map and fly up the bridge above. Go to the locked door with the damaged wall around it and do the banshee trick to get through the door.The texture mapping will disappear, keep going through the secret area to reach the beginning of AoTCR. If you go to the same bridge and get through the other locked door, you'll end up finding a lift inside.