Sector 7 → Halo "Everything" Guide by Ion22

In real life it is never cool to beat down your friends and family and then gloat about it, but it's perfectly acceptable and even encouraged while playing multiplayer Halo. Of course, no one really likes to lose and have their little brother rub it in, so I put this guide together especially for you. The next time you sit down with a group of friends you'll be the one gloating... unless of course your friends all read this document too, in which case you will merely be a participant in one of the greatest games of multiplayer Halo ever.

I've tried to break this document up into logical sections, so if you're having trouble figuring out how to use that pesky rocket launcher, you can just hop down to the rocket launcher section (Some sections will be put in later) . Bear in mind that while I can offer tips and strategies, it's up to you to learn and use them. The best way to get better is simply to practice; this document simply offers some suggestions on what to practice.

Weapons Guide

The Pistol: The pistol is arguably the best overall weapon in the game. If you find a pistol lying around, pick it up and use it! Good in almost all situations, long range or short. Once you get those shields off your opponent he's as good as dead. Go for head shots! Practice keeping the pistol sight at opponent head level during game play, and head shots will become more natural. Remember, the pistol has a zoom, but it takes time! Try to keep a longer range on other players when using the pistol. Full auto is not as accurate as single fire, so "aim" the pistol: squeeze the trigger for each shot. You'll be much more accurate that way. The only downside of the pistol is the relatively slow melee attack, but don't discard an empty pistol too quickly; ammo from dead players is often abundant.

Assault Rifle: Because it's one of the weaker guns in the game, you might want to stay away from the assault rifle unless you're sure you need it. (There are those who would melee with an empty pistol rather than pick up the AR). If you must use this weapon, don't use it at long range. If you HAVE to use it at long range, use burst firing for a slight increase in accuracy. The AR is only decent at a short to mid range unless you're just trying to scare someone. Go for full auto when in close range. It is weak against shields, but good to have in a combo with a plasma weapon (drop an enemy's shield with plasma fire and flip to AR to finish them off). Melee attacks with the AR are relatively quick, and it can be a good close quarter weapon choice for full auto fire and melee attacks. Also, remember to reload at every quiet opportunity.

Shotgun: Like the pistol, the shotgun is a choice weapon. Relax that itchy trigger-finger and hold off until you're close to your target, then go for the head. At close range a shotgun can kill in one blast. Don't waste your shotgun ammo on long-range targets, as the shotgun is so ineffective in these situations that you may as well be shooting them with marshmallows. For this reason, the shotgun is good to have in tandem with a scoped weapon (rocket launcher, pistol, or sniper rifle) so you can deal effectively with long- or short-range targets . The shotgun is also effective against vehicles - when they're in range. Melee attacks are slow with the shotgun, so be sure you have a shell in the chamber before approaching your enemy!

Sniper Rifle: Take your time, aim for the head, and conserve ammo. Contrails will instantly give away your position if you miss your target, so keep a steady hand and a cool head. Use the 2X zoom to find a target, then zoom in with the 10X scope when you have it in your sight. If your target is moving, don't waste time and effort trying to track them; place the reticule in the target's path and let your enemy move into your sights. Keep moving when you have the sniper rifle; it's possible to concentrate so deeply on what you see in the scope that you lose track of what's going on around you. If you are playing with motion trackers, remember to glance at yours regularly. People will see your contrails and use them to figure out where you're hiding. Melee with a sniper rifle is slow, and should only be done if you have no other choice. The shotgun and sniper rifle make a brutal combo. Even if you don't fire it at all, the sniper rifle is valuable as a spotting scope. It's very useful for watching an enemy base as you approach on foot, or for helping coordinate a team assault. This is true of any scoped weapon, but the sniper rifle is especially useful because you can also pick people off without being "in" the fight. When playing against snipers, moving laterally makes you a harder target to hit (running at them or jumping make you an easier shot). Keep track of rounds fired, and make your move while they reload.

Rocket Launcher: Aim for the feet. Sometimes jumping will give you a better angle to hit your opponent's feet and makes it more difficult to hit your feet if your opponent also has a rocket launcher. The more you are in the air the better; descending on someone from above with the rocket launcher is excellent, especially when playing Rockets in Multiplayer. The rocket launcher has good splash damage; shooting a low ceiling or wall next to an opponent can put him in a world of hurt. One shot will kill when used properly; make it a good one as the reload time is horrendous and the delay between shots feels like an eternity when your first shot misses and your opponents rush you with guns blazing. Rockets have a pretty slow velocity too so remember to lead your targets by quite a bit, especially if they are in a vehicle. Rockets are very good against vehicles as they will not only do a great deal of damage to your enemies but often flip their vehicle as well. A super shield is no match for a well-aimed rocket ; and don't melee with a rocket launcher, it isn't worth your time (unless your opponent is facing the wrong way). A rocket launcher and shotgun combination is what Halo is all about. When playing Oddball games, a rocket launcher is surprisingly useful for quickly removing the ball from its current surroundings. If the enemy is closing and you really don't think you'll survive, launch the skull and deny them the time. If you fire a rocket and miss, switch weapons, even if you have one shot still left. That final shot is your emergency shot. Also, if you miss that first time, you're probably not going to get another rocket shot off without killing yourself; by the time you're ready to fire again the target will be too close.

Plasma Pistol: This gun reminds me of the Cricket in "Men In Black". The uninitiated might think this weapon sucks, but it doesn't. Charged shots are extremely important and brutal: they track their targets and will instantly drop shields. Don't rely too much on the guidance, however, and bear in mind that charged shots won't track vehicles. One charged shot will bring down a 400% super shield on a guy in a tank (and try it against a tank with four passengers!). This is especially key when playing Iron capture the flag or other custom variants with extra health. You can kill someone in two shots by wiping out his shields with a charged shot, then switching to the pistol and ventilating his skull. The plasma pistol's primary fire is also useful, as it stuns opponents and you can get a pretty good rate of fire if you twitch the trigger at the moment when the plasma shot fires. You can really hurt enemies by shooting them in the back rapidly. Even better, the melee on the pistol is incredibly fast. Try an overcharge shot as you are running full-bore at someone, keep hitting him with primary fire until the gun overheats, then melee attack as you are right on top of him. This is a good gun to carry in tandem with a weapon like the pistol or AR; wipe out your enemies' shields with the plasma pistol and then switch weapons to finish them off.

Plasma Rifle: This is a well-rounded weapon, suitable for a variety of situations. The plasma rifle is good against shields, but watch that overheat meter to avoid what could be a fatal pause while your gun overheats. Once the shields are gone, aim for the head, as head shots do twice as much damage; as with the pistol, learning to keep the plasma rifle trained on the opponents noggin will always pay off. The plasma rifle also has a stun; very useful against the tank. Like the plasma pistol, it's a good weapon for shooting someone in the back or pinning him in place (if they are charging you with the shotgun, for example). Melee attacks with this weapon are pretty fast, and it's a great weapon to run and gun with (close quarters fire + melee). A great weapon to have at your hip, the plasma rifle complements almost any other weapon in your arsenal.

Needler: Don't use the needler in multiplayer unless you know what you are doing. A tight collection of needles in an enemy is your best friend - unless you are right next to him. Use more as a stealth weapon, or perhaps kamikaze style to take them with you. The melee attack speed is horrendous, and if you pick it up you had better make sure you have something short-range to complement it. The needler is most effective when used against an enemy who is unable to sidestep. Ladders, tight corridors, and narrow gangplanks are all good places to catch a person and put enough needles into them to seal their fate.

Fragmentation Grenades: These have a short fuse so they're more useful in closer combat situations. They're good to use when you have the drop on someone, and good for ambushes as they are more difficult to see and more difficult to avoid. Toss a frag grenade on the ground just as someone is coming around the corner, or throw one behind him as he's backing up. If you're being chased, juke around a corner and drop a frag grenade at your feet, then turn around and finish off your pursuer. When you're about to die, squeeze the grenade trigger! The "suicide grenade" eventually becomes a reflex, and sometimes it injures or even kills your own killer.

Plasma Grenades: Plasma grenades are good against the tank and somewhat less effective against other vehicles. Be aware of the longer fuse however! If you want to school someone, stick a plasma grenade to his head. Feel free to point and laugh at him; just watch that he doesn't charge you and take you out with him. Use plasma grenades to get at hard-to-reach spots like high ledges by tossing them at a ceiling or wall near your target; the grenades will just fall straight to the floor and stay there, instead of bouncing about like frag grenades.

Melee: You probably won't want to use melee attacks as your primary attack. However, they are good to finish off opponents, especially when you consider the humiliation factor! Run at someone and charge-shoot him, then melee attack on the run. Hit someone in the back of the head and you get a free taunt. When using plasma weapons, melee attacks are the perfect solution for those overheating incidents. Though all weapons do the same amount of melee damage, the plasma pistol has a superior melee attack in terms of speed. If you're running when you hit a person with a melee attack, you'll do about 50% more damage. If you're running and near the peak of a jump, you'll do about 75% more damage, almost enough to kill an opponent outright. Both the flag and the skull can be used as melee weapons - extra humiliation for killing someone with either!

Various tricks

Go on multiplayer and once again get 4 people (don't forget to put on unlimited grenades) then throw 2 plasma grenades per person, in the same place then look up to the sky and you'll see fireworks! Amazing!

Halo Bridge
At the beginning of the stage Halo, go to the part where you have to cross the bridge. Go to the end part of the bridge and then look to your right. Move all the way until you are about to fall off (make sure you have full health). Then, just fall off and right before you hit the lower bridge, crouch. This can be done on co-op also. While you are down there, you can have you and a friend at each end and have an all out war. It's kind of cool because you're so far away from your friend.

Jump3X as high on multiplayer
Go to the multi player edit game type and put the settings on oddball with 400health, and shields. then make it damage resistant. change weapons to rocket launchers. go to any multiplayer level and aim at the ground and shoot and jump at the same time. you may need to try this a few times. you should be able to get to new and awesome places.

Zooming with a stationary gun
If you are playing multi-player cooperative play, play on the level TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION one person get in a stationary gun and the other person go next to him and take out the sniper rifle and then zoom in 10x and the guy in the stationary gun can look at the guy who's zoomed in and the guy in the stationary gun will know where to fire.

Do melee attack twice as fast!
To do it, press the melee button, then throw a grenade, then do the melee attack again. Do this very quickly. You can hit the person twice, and if you have a plasma grenade, you can throw one the person easily with the melee attacks. It is very simple.

Get ghost on other side
on the betrayals level, where the blast door opens, preventing you to go any further with a vehicle (Bungie was wrong) bring a ghost and a banshee to that place and put the ghosts rear in the crack, now use the banshee through, practice counts!

Exhaust Vent Shootout
The best way I have found to handle this level is through Multiplayer Co-Op Mode. Have one player distract the enemies while the other concentrates on taking out the exhaust vents. This should divert a large part of The Flood off from player taking out the exhaust vents. The best weapon against the exhaust vents is the rocket launcher. Back up as far away from the exhaust vents as you can. The gives you a straighter shot into them. The straighter the shot you deliver into them, the quicker they will be blown up.

Orbital Hog
This is awesome but you will have to sacrifice some of your men. Kill your guys/aliens anything with grenades and put them all in one spot. Park the warthog jeep over the grenades and get out. Get a plasma grenade under the jeep and a ton of other grenades. A plasma grenade must be under the jeep so you can blow up fragment grenades then get another plasma grenade throw it on the bottom of the jeep (preferred back of jeep) and watch your jeep fly in the sky. The record for highest recorded jump is around 8-8 1/2 seconds its really cool try it!

Stupid Covenant
In Assault on the Control Room, at the end where there is a bridge, run as fast as you can all the way to the banshee. Good luck getting in. Once you are in, fly parallel to the bridge directly above it, lower down so that the banshee is a few inches from the surface of the bridge. Keep going forward and the stupid covenant will try to dodge the Banshee and accidentally jump of the bridge.

Rocket - Launcher
To find ammo for the rocket launcher on the TWO BETRAYELS level, you first need to go and destroy the first Light-Pulse Generator. Now fly to the Nav Point. Go through the tunnels and bridges and you will eventually wind up on the ground with a upside-down Ghost in front of you. Don't go to the right where the Wrath Tank is!!! Keep on going forward from where you came out and you will fall down. Now inspect the 2 passages to the right and left of you (don't go back up the hills yet) and you will find Shotgun ammo, Rocket - Launcher ammo, and Health Packs. Now go up the hill towards the Wrath Tank and fire away!!!!

Nice Sniping (tip)
when you come out of the tunnel cross the stream as soon as you can. There is a down escape pod and Cortana will say something like there aren't any signs of life. Get out of the Hog and grab the sniper rifle. Get back in the Hog and if you're looking at the cliff wall head left. You'll see the blue beacons on the ground and there may be a few jackals around. Don't bother killing them just yet, ok go ahead and run one or two of them over if you must... Enter into the area. Its the area where the marines are hiding underground in the complex. Keep right and follow the bottom edge of the wall. At the middle of the hill there will be an area where the ground is darker, head straight up the hill here. You'll be able to make it up the hill into a perfect sniping spot. Now take out anyone you want. Just don't slide down the hill or you won't be able to get the hog back. Its even fun to sit in the hog and use the mounted machine gun and spray down the complex. You can also hit targets in the valley with the stream though there usually are only a few jackals.

Insane stunts (tip)
at the main menu play multiplayer, it says split screen, press that then go to edit game types change the mode to free for all with the all cars guns and tanks, then go to split screen and choose your custom game, play blood gulch then have your buddy flip the warthog with a grenade, once that is done get into a ghost and ride it at the flipped warthog on its side and you can do back flips and 360s off of it.

Warthog Wars (fun game to play on multiplayer death match)
ok peeps this is an awesome way to play multiplayer. This cheat works best on Blood Gulch. First ,each person gets in a warthog (driver seat). Then you both ram the Hell out of each other!!!

  1. No getting out of the warthog
  2. No shooting
  3. 3. If you are flipped out of the warthog, you may get back in.
WINNER: A winner is determined by whoever runs over the other person. Have fun!