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Playing the Waiting Game

Posted: December 08, 2003 |  Printable Version | Rating: 4.86 out of 10 (7 total votes)
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Waiting is something no one likes to do. Whether it’s waiting for a demo download or waiting for your favourite show we all wait. But there is one thing many gamers don’t like to wait for, and that’s game releases.

Now I say this because people are starting to complain about the release date of Halo 2. “Aw! It’s been pushed back to 2004! Ugh! I want it now!” is something more and more controller Master Chief’s are muttering as they read HBO. In light of this I’ve decided to do an article on speed of release, and whether it’s worth it to wait or to rush out the games.

I look at push-backs this way, the longer they keep the game in development, the better it has to get right? Now, granted some games stay in development for a very long time and when the come out they’re just as dumb and bug ridden as they were two years ago, but on a whole more tweak time makes a better game.

Let’s look at the other side of the spectrum. Ninety percent of the time, games that are rushed to store shelves have controls that move slower than my Grandma and have graphics that make pong look like Tyra Banks. Although there are plus sides, such as that ten percent that do turn out good, and the fact that the games the players want is out sooner.

So which is better? Well you see gamers are a paradox. No don’t get scared of my big words, it just means that gamers are messed up in a way. Everyone wants the coolest game out now, but when it comes out it better have the best graphics known to man and it better have good controls and a tight story. The big problem with this is rushed games usually come out looking like Tomb Raider: Dark Angel and not Rainbow Six 3.

In my opinion, you’re better off just sticking it out and waiting for your precious game than complaining about push-backs. So remember, the next time you find yourself about to post a message about how we should all band together and raise a siege on Bungie’s R&D department take a look at all the “breathtaking” sped-to-shelves games around you.

You can’t rush perfection.

~By Sonic
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