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Annoyances of Halo part I: TKers

Posted: November 21, 2003 |  Printable Version | Rating: 8.17 out of 10 (6 total votes)
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Annoyances of Halo PC

I am so proud of the outcome of Halo PC, and its online multiplayer. But MAN some things are just annoying! So in order to, in a way, vent my anger I will be writing about these annoyances you may find during your Halo PC online gameplay.

Team Killers

After many hours of online gameplay, for almost any game, you will run into people that will -for no reason- betray your team. This player has obviously has just suffered a mental brain lapse, and he commits the action that is known as Team Killing; or TKing. From the time the first online team game (Paticularly 1st-person shooters) came out, these people have been making our games a living hell frustration; further fueling our hate towards these people. Why do people kill their own team mates when they could be winning? Why do they continue after there lives have been repeatedly threatened, or their online personna destroyed? But most importantly, who started it all? I think we are all curious to find out......

Why damnit?!
Why would someone want to kill their own team? Well, in order to find this out, I had to slip into a TKers shoes - none of the regular TKers would cooperate. I made a new alias for myself (if anyone has seen the first Star Wars movie): TK421. Then I joined a Halo PC CTF (capture the flag) game. This is where all hell broke loose. I unleashed a clip of AR ammo on some unsuspecting teammates. After this, I could already see why there are so many TKers out there... this is actually kinda fun. But the fun was soon to stop when people began to realize that I wasn't going to quit. They began shooting at me whenever they found a Master Chief with "TK421"over its head. It was literally as if I had painted myself with a target in a shooting range. I was annoyed at the foulmouthed names I was being called, but how could I blame them - I was killing my own team and acting like a jerk.

My perspective: Once you are labeled the TKer, I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about it. And unless everyone quits from the game you've destroyed, and new people who are unaware of your tker-tendencies, you will be killed repeatedly to make sure you don't TK again.

Gamer perspective: "You betrayed me - you die." I think its appropriate to say that any gamer would really prefer to have some fun (and/or win) rather than ruining the experiences of others. Either way, the presence of a TKer will slow the team down, and will lower the fun factor (if there was any from the start) for that game.

Don't Worry... yet...
If you accidently kill one of your own team mates, don't worry. Just stop and say sorry. They will (hopefully) forgive you, and not mark you a TKer.

Another mistake people make is the "Hey I want a ride" technique, which experienced Halo people use. For this technique you fire a few short rounds at a person who is just driving away in a vehicle. This will hopefully get him to stop, and you get in. However, the person (in the vehicle) might mistake this action as "Hey, I'm going to kill you now", and unfortunately run you over (which may make you say a few choice words - try to refrain these comments as best you can). In this case there is almost nothing you can do about it unless you actually take the time to type a whole explanation on why you shot at the driver.

Beware: This technique is worse with people that don't know about it who are riding as the gunner.

TKer Prevention
If you simply cannot stand TKers in the game you are in, just quit the game. There are more than enough games online running 24/7 just waiting for more players. Wherever you go, please don't be a Team Killer. We thank you.

~By Wolfy
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