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Halo PC Demo Review

Posted: November 16, 2003 |  Printable Version | Rating: 7.1 out of 10 (42 total votes)
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Impressions like a rocket into an Elite…

All right, hello everyone, I’m new to the writing team here and I didn’t know how to start this off. Maybe I should write a story…nah. Oh I know how about cheat codes? No wait…I don’t remember any cheat codes. So I figured hey, why not do an article on my impressions of Halo PC. I have the demo and I’ve only played a few online matches, but I think I get the gist of it.


Okay so controls, well they’re a little more troublesome with the mouse and keyboard. The movement is good enough, not much different than the Xbox controller, but the aiming is something I didn’t enjoy as much as I did on the console.  The mouse feels a little too free when I’m aiming. It wiggles a little too much for my taste. I don’t have a rock hard, steady hand and my chair doesn’t exactly like to stay still so I have trouble aiming in zoom. Plus I get dizzy when I whirl around to pop some fool. Driving is pretty good, not much different than the Xbox, but the Banshee is where it gets insane. You can manoeuvres I didn’t know existed, but it does get boring when the aerial dog fight you’re currently engaged in morphs into a turn fest. Come on people! You’re in a jet! Play it like real life and take runs at each other! Don’t pull on your mouse and play a spiral game with your enemy! BAH! Um, sorry I get like that sometimes.


Graphic quality is really spectacular…although you are going to need a killer graphics card and an equally as impressive computer to back it up. I really haven’t noticed much else in the graphics department; seeing as the Xbox is basically a computer the console Halo and Halo PC match up almost exactly.


Sound is really good but the blasting of my Banshee plasma fire sometimes messed up and didn’t make any noise, maybe it’s the demo I don’t know. As usual the music is stellar but it sounded just a tad more hollow than my television but hey, it’s a computer, I’m amazed it can even crank sounds like that.


Difficulty is the same levels as the console game: easy, normal, hard, legendary, but once you get online it’s a whole different story. Try to get your hands on some kind of vehicle to run down your opponents or you’re pretty much screwed unless you have played Halo PC since it has come out. These people are insane! I’ve never seen anyone take me down with one shot from a plasma pistol and one shot from a pistol! My suggestion? Grab a fuel rod cannon, jump in a warthog, find a nice cozy spot to curl up in and blast people from your secret base. Oh wait, now everyone will be doing that! Okay so go searching in all the cozy spots with a rocket launcher. Oh wait now everyone will be doing that! Okay so what you have to do…oh sorry…ranting again.


Speaking of fuel rod cannons, Halo PC offers a very lovely package of bonus stuff that you can’t find on the Xbox game. Think of Halo PC as that infomercial that says you can only get their special additives from, “This T.V. offer!” Yes that’s right, you can only get a flamethrower, a Banshee, a fuel rod cannon and a rocket launching warthog in this PC game! Okay pick your jaws of the ground people because I know what you’re going through, I was the same way too.




Yes that’s right kiddies there is a God, and he works at Bungie. And trust me, it is as fun as it sounds. Nothing beats the agonizing scream of your enemy being blown to pieces by a well-placed shot from a fuel rod cannon (or just a shot…really we’re not talking about a weapon that needs to be aimed here).


Overall, PC gamers truly have been blessed. They get to play one of the defining games of all time and immerse themselves in a rich story plot. They even get some extras that other console gamers don’t get. But the PC loving, console despising people out there, remember.


It all started with the console.

~By Sonic
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