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Action Replay, a program developed by Datel, is a unique tool that can apply a number of features to your Xbox’s hard drive. Unfortunately, the device suffers from several misconceptions that could tend to detract from its otherwise superb features. Contrary to what some would think, Action Replay for Xbox is not a cheat program. Instead, Action Replay’s memory card and program software allows you to locate and download saved game files from Action Replay’s vast resources of online servers. The device itself is easy to use and free of frustration, requiring that the user simply plug the memory card into the USB port and run the program to operate it. Then one can simply upload and download saves from or Community Saves. There’s no need to transfer anything to the computer, as it simply serves as a medium for getting files from the Internet and onto the Action Replay memory card. Once the file transfers have been completed, simply remove the memory card from the USB device, connect it with any of the two slots on your Xbox controller, and start up your Xbox. Navigate to the dashboard screen, and then simply start copying all the files from the memory card onto the Xbox hard drive.

Halo, an immensely popular game from the Xbox, makes an excellent example of how Action Replay’s streamlined design makes adding new files quick and painless. Imagine someone has just downloaded a file that allows you to alter the Floods behavior within one of the game’s levels. After having uploaded the file to his Xbox hard drive, the person inserts their Halo disk into the machine to launch the game. He then selects the new profile he has just downloaded, activates it with the push of the A button, and starts the level without making any changes to the setting. The level loads as programmed by the original creator of the save file, and the person can now play the game as a Flood—just as the file was made to do.

Aside from things such as playing as various characters and vehicles in Halo, Action Replay will also allow the player to reach the 100/150/250 kill limits as found within the game. As “modders” continue to alter their Xbox’s, the possibility of more saved files like these-- perhaps for other games as well --becomes all the more a reality. It’s truly exciting to see how the programs like Action Replay allow gamers with modded Xbox’s to share their files and inventive scenarios with those not so mechanically (or electronically) skilled.

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Action Replay is available at BestBuy for $29.99 at Other products by Datel include the Teamtalk headsets, USB Keyboard, USB-Xbox converter (So you can use the keyboard in games like Final Fantasy Online), a huge 32MB memory card ($39.99), a 16MB memory card, Combat Command system link hub and cables, and a Radio Controlled Mini Racer (Pocket-sized, 6-point steering system!). Visit for even MORE saves, FAQ, and the whole product list.
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