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Halo Screenshot #3

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Just some background for the "lost"

Bungie slapped us again with a new screenshot of the game they call Halo 2. Yesterday (Monday) got a MAJOR face lift (new design). Along with this face lift, Bungie tells us that LOADS of new content will be available for us in the upcoming weeks (wonder if E3 has anything to do with this...).

I would like to thank Bluestone of 343gs for helping out with this screenshot "bashing" of ours! (A BIG Thanks!)

The First Glance
Yes, we fogged our screens

Ok... I sat down, got comfortable and took a good long look at this one. The first thing to notice is that in many ways this screenshot is vastly different to it's predessesors. You immediately notice the large, agile-looking Spartan standing at the front, and his buddy behind. However, what seems interesting to me is that (unlike the previous MP Shots) they are not Blue or Red! Does this mean there could be ore than two teams? Red vs Blue vs Brown? We can only speculate, that either this is true, or it is simply an FFA game. The other thing that hit me is the fact that this level is underground, Race Rat 2 prehaps? Maybe not, but this more evidence that we'll be seeing some seriously cool new MP levels in Halo 2.

Wow he's different
Who IS that guy?

Apart from the un-controlled jaw dropping reaction to this work of Art, one of the first things you notice about the guy in front is the fact that he's holding two DIFFERENT weapons! Plasma Pistol and SMG? Probably not the best combination of weapons, but this means we can mix and match! Shifting your glance to the left, you take a look at the other Brown player. The Shotgun is immediately noticeable in his right hand, but what is in the air where his left hand should be? To be honest it looks like another Shotgun, but it could be almost anything! One other thing, Take a look at the cool blue highlights on the Brown's Armor... Customisation prehaps?

Ohh Misty!
Yeaaahh Baybbaaayyy

Do you see through the dust? Or should I say, 'Do you SEE the dust!?'. A Grenade maybe? Whatever caused the unsettlement of Earth near the rear Brown player must be something similar... It looks real! Staying in this area... Do you notice the stray, untriggered Plasma Grenade? The fact that we can see the Covenant marking in the side from this distance shows the unimaginable amount of detail Bungie is throwing into this game (Or, 'Way of Life' as some may call it).

Time for the Reds
Yes, the reds

I've bored you with banter about the Brown's... Now for the others. Yes, believe it or not, there are TWO red players in the Screenshot. One is running behind the dust with a cunning eye down the BR scope, and the other is hiding! Take a look at the Hog situated right at the back. Squint, look, zoom in... There he is! Looks like those Browns are going to get an unwelcomed visitor once the red driver plows his way through this tunnel.

Covie Green Thing
Definately not slugs

Are those Green streaks Plasma Pistol fire? Or something different? They are certainly different in looks from anything in Halo 1. Maybe that's what the new Covie weapon seen at X03 fires? Too many questions and too little answers!

Location is everything
Yes, its what Mom used to say

The support pillars in this underground tunnel/level area seem patterned, but not in the same way as in Halo 1. Those markings don't look like Forerunner markings seen on Halo... Could this be somewhere else? It is looking entirely possible that a lot of the Halo 2 MP levels WON'T be on Halo itself... Cool!

The Vis0rz
It does reflect!

Shown clearly in this screenshot, the MJOLNIR helmet's visor, does somewhat reflect the image of its environment. Apart from the last screenshot where it was a bit hard to tell, this screenshot demonstrates that the visor will reflect. However, this screenshot does not answer some questions regarding: Whether or not you can see other bodies from this reflection, as well as vehicles and other moving objects? Will the visor get dirty if (lets say) a rocket hits nearby and debris flys? Can your visor be cracked or damaged? Hmm, interesting...

The Battle Scars
Yes, they are still the same

As appeared in the last screenshot synopsis we did, the battle scars were a new thing. Now, they are a pretty feature in the past. Noticed in the new screenshot, the battlescars are the same -- Either Bungie decided to keep it this way, or they are still working on a battle scar system. Either way it looks very cool.

Sorry folks, but due to some tight time we weren't able to put up as many images for show.
~By Wolfy
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