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Halo 2 Multiplayer #2

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Finally! I am now able to write about the new Halo 2 Multiplayer screenshot. After about two weeks of fan-boy scanning from magazines, Bungie releases this piece of work to the public, and yet again dazzles us. The amount of detail seen in this shot is truly amazing.

The G-Unit Armor

The first thing that caught my eye was the redness in the new MJOLNIR suits. The amount of redness seems to be affected by the lighting – logically thinking, things are darker with less light. Since the lighting is more realistic, the suits have a more metallic-like look to them, which makes sense because the MJOLNIR armor is well… armor. The visors contained in the armor, also seems to be affected by light, and might actually reflect images in real time (like if a blue were to pass by him, the blue would be able to see himself in red’s visor). If this is in fact true, how cool would it be to know that the guy saw himself being shot, and seeing the damage in his armor? Very.

Battle scars?
Hey, you chipped my paint!

Looking at the giant red guy in this screenshot you will notice that there seems to be paint-chips and weathering (not from rain) on his suit. I have also noticed that everyone else has battle scars in the same places. Is Bungie working on a battle scar system, or are the battle scars just there to look good on the armor? I say both because of the fact that there are even any battle scars on the MJOLNIR armor, which do make these guys looks sweet, I believe this is the first step Bungie is taking on creating a kind of battle scar system for the suits.

Wow, you're buff

Is it just me, or do these guys seem bigger? The players seen in this screenshot DO seem more in proportion to a human being, same as the weapons look better scaled-to-size. The MJOLNIR armor looks more bulky, and more life-like as if these guys have been working out since birth and kicking-ass every day (hey, this sounds familiar).

Movable Objects

Behind the large red player, there is a semi-small box, with a shadow like everything else. This box definitely looks out of place, and not to mention, random. My guess is as good as yours – Movable objects. Bungie did explain that Halo 2’s environment will be largely interactive and destructible, so there is a chance the box seen in this screenshot is one of those interactive devices… or it may just be movable. With things like this, could it be possible that players will be able to pick up items, and toss them to catch another player off-guard?

Dying the right way…
Oh no! You killed Johnny!

Noticed the red guy “falling”? By the looks of the situation in the screenshot, I doubt he is “falling”. Well, if he isn’t falling, what is he doing - possibly getting shot in the back? I think so. Bungie is probably over the rag-doll physics gig, and have created something of their own: realistic death. Although it isn’t certain what is actually happening in this screenshot, this may not actually be the “death sequence”. With new things that will be seen in Halo 2 such as interactive environments, this guy might actually be tripping over himself, or it may be possible to trip over smaller objects on the ground if you aren’t careful (not likely, but still possible). Either way, this looks way cool.

Other things…
I see with my big fat eye, something blue

During my “screenshot stare”, I also noticed the following in this screenshot:
  • A blue guy blowing up from the structure. This is another reason why I believe Bungie didn’t go with the rag-doll physics thing – this guy has been blown up and wailing his arms in the air like the original Halo. If he had died with the rag-doll physics, he would look more like a stick

  • Things being blown up with the blue guy: I don’t know how to explain this properly so I’ll just ask… Anyone know what the hell the black thing is falling with the needler and plasma grenades? I would say it looks like half a sniper rifle, or it could be a part of the needler (hint: you might have to look hard to see the whole needler). However, as noticed in the E3 demo, this black piece looks more like a sniper rifle, with half of it missing behind a part of the structure.

  • Falling debris: Another thing I noticed while looking at the blue fellow falling – there seems to be debris falling off the building. Hmm…
With the amount of production coming from Bungie and others, I can just feel Halo 2 coming closer and closer to its release date.

EDIT: I have gotten numerous emails about the Blue guy who is being blown up. I became aware of this after I had published this article, and am very sorry for any confusion. It is fixed now. Thanks to everyone that too the time to email me about this.
~By Wolfy
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